Monday, April 2, 2012

Opening Day of Baseball

Baseball Season is here and we are excited!
Every year since I was a little girl, we have celebrated the Opening Day of Baseball.
This includes decorations, baseball food, and of course watching a baseball game.
I made this banner a couple of years ago and we love pulling it out each year.
We also have a number of other baseball decorations from my oldest son's birthday a number of years back.
It is a Party at our house!

Image found here
We are celebrating on Friday since that is the Angel's Opening Day,
And we LOVE the Angels!
You can pick your favorite team and start with their Opening Day, 
or look up the official day the first teams start.
My boys love that we eat Baseball Food: 
Hot Dogs, Cracker Jacks, sometimes Nachos, Peanuts, etc.

In Honor of this years Opening Day here is a free printable to share with you.
 Happy Opening Day of Baseball Week!


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Cute idea, Tasha, and super-cute printable! We're looking forward to the Red Sox home opener next Friday :)

Carly said...

Love it. You guys rock :). I fail at this celebration every year. Most years we do eat hot dogs... but it's not as exciting as you're party is! I need to step it up. Maybe once Raymond is old enough for t-ball?? Or once we have actually taken our kids (!!) to a baseball game and they knwo what it is (!!). Lame. We are lame.

Just Julie said...

It's our favorite time of year too... Go Dodgers :)!

Love the printables.

Laura said...

love this printable! FYI- the other day on Pinterest, I saw a wreath made out of old baseballs- that would look cute with your stuff!

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