Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snow Mama by The 36th Avenue

Today, our Handmade Christmas Tutorial is by Desirée from
I {Heart} Desirée and her blog.
Honest and truthfully, I just adore her.
She is one of those people who can make you feel good all the time.
I love the way she writes.
I love the way she cheers others on.
I LOVE (love love) her projects.
She creates the most amazing things and shares the greatest tutorials.
I cannot wait for you to see her fabulous tutorial today...

Hi Friends!

I am Desirée the heart behind The 36th Avenue...
I am a mama x 4, a thrifty shopper, a fabric lover, a paint brush best friend and a never ending makeover believer. I am so excited to be visiting here with you all today.
 I love Tasha and I feel honored to be a part of her fabulous blog...
Thank you my friend for having me!

I am sharing with you our sweet Snow Mama today...

This project was inspired by some fabric pumpkins that I made for our  

Looking at them I thought what would happen if I turned them around ?
This is what would happened!

Is she cute or what?!
...Here is the tutorial.

Place a towel in the center of your fabric. The size of the towel and fabric will determine how big the base of your snow mama will be.
Secure the fabric with a bunch of pins.
{ I didn't do any sewing on this project since I wanted to take it apart and reuse the burlap after Christmas}

Repeat this process three times. Making each burlap ball smaller as shown in the picture.

Next thing I did was dress her up... every girl needs some accessories ;)

For the scarf I cut two strips of felt and pinned them together to make them one piece.
I pinned it into place and then I cut the ends to make them look like a real scarf.

I didn't want to sew the buttons, so I hot glued them to tacks and pinned them in place.

To make the arms all I did was to take two sticks from the backyard and again place them.

At this point she looked like this...

For the eyes I colored with a black sharpie two tacks.
You know what to do... pin them in place.

She is starting to look adorable!

For the nose I just made a cone rolling some card stock.
I inserted a pin in each side from the inside out and then I bent the ends in as shown in the third picture.

Pin it!

It is cold outside so I folded a piece of felt and pinned it to her head as you would  do with a bandana...

...and I added a little flower. Our girl was done!

We decided to put her right  outside of our front door...

...All I have left to say is...
Let it snow... let it snow... let it snow...!

I would love for you to stop by my blog The 36th AVENUE and check out some other
FUN projects. I would love for you to share yours also on my Share Your Awesomeness Link Party every Thursday...

Here are a few other redlicious projects of mine...

Tasha my love THANK YOU again for having me!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



The 36th AVENUE


Two Shades of Pink said...

Yay for Desiree! Love, love, love her! And Love this Snow Momma! Could she be any cuter?! I am so ticked by her thumbtack eyes and paper nose! And I am all for reusing the burlap (or any fabric) for another use! Just precious! And Tasha I am so with you...she inspires so much...JUST LIKE YOU! :) Ladies, you both rock.

Desiree @ The 36th Avenue said...

Good Morning my friend! Thank you so much for having me... I LOVE YOU!

Have a super amazing Thanksgiving!

Jaime said...

Desiree really is the champion of other blogs, love her cheerfulness!

Selena (Fruit Carving Studio) said...

Love so much the Snow Mama. Thanks for the inspiration for Christmas crafts!


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