Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ornament Gift Ideas

I love handmade ornaments.
My mother started me onto them.
She gives us one every year and has for a long time.
In fact, the majority of my tree is made up of handmade ornaments and I love it.

I know a lot of you out there love to make handmade ornaments too.
They are great presents to neighbors and friends.
They are great on top of your packages to family and friends.
There are so many things you can do with them.

Today, I am going to share some of my favorite ornament tutorials out there.
None of these are created by me and all are linked back to the original creator and tutorial...
I only picked ideas that would give you a tutorial.
It makes life so much easier when there is a tutorial don't you think?
Here they are:
Find the Tutorial HERE.
I just adore these darling houses.
These are just too much fun!
You can find the tutorial HERE.
Simple and cute.
You can find the tutorial HERE.
These are just adorable and I love simple.
Find the tutorial HERE.
I love all things Argyle.
Find the Tutorial HERE.
They are just so cute and happy.
You can find the Tutorial HERE.

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Come back soon for more fabulous Handmade Christmas ideas!


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Great choices, Tasha! I could see myself making any one of these, and I think I might :)

Anonymous said...

Those houses are so cute!

Two Shades of Pink said...

TASHA! I love these soooo much! I had it in my head to make ones just like those houses but nothing nearly as FABULOUS as those! What an inspiring round up! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I loved those owls when I saw them too. I made them 2 years ago. I love the house one too!

Katie said...

Adorable! Love those owls. Thanks for gathering all these great tutorials in one place!

Katie said...

Fantastic ornament ideas! I want our entire Christmas tree to have handmade ornaments on it this year... guess I need to get started pronto!

Amy @ Heritage Homemaker said...

Such great ideas! I am trying to get together ideas for winter projects...some of these are now on my list! Thanks!

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks for including my ornaments in this feature, Tasha! :)

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