Thursday, November 3, 2011

Decorative Dish Towel Tutorial by Sumo's Sweet Stuff

I am excited to introduce our first Handmade Christmas guest Tutorial with
Sumo's Sweet Stuff.
I have been following Sumo's blog for quite some time now.
She has amazing talent and I am excited for her to share some of it with all of you today.

 Hello everyone!

I'm Sumo! Well, my real name is Summer, but my husband nicknamed me Sumo when we were dating. (Yes, I still married him!)

I blog over at a little place called Sumo's Sweet Stuff.

Sumo's Sweet Stuff

It's a blog I started to share my crafting and creating. I also like to host giveaways, feature other bloggers, and maybe share some crazy ramblings about how much I love Diet Coke, or my relationships with Veronica and Lucy (my sewing machine and Silhouette). I started sewing about a year and a half ago, and I haven't looked back since! It's probably my favorite creative past time now, especially since I've got two little girls and a third one on the way!

Every Monday is Market Yourself Monday, where you can link up your latest projects, and visit other blogs to get some inspiration!

Sumo's Sweet Stuff
I was excited when Tasha asked me to be a part of her series because it gave me the boost I needed to get going on my neighbor gifts for our family friends. I've been trying to crank things out earlier than usual this year since my baby is due the beginning of December, and I'm fairly certain I won't be wanting to brave the crowds or stress out over making things with a newborn around.
Here's an inexpensive way to give a personal Christmas gift.

What you need:
- dish towel(s)
- heat and bond (get the sewable kind!)
- fabric
- Silhouette (Lucy!) or a pair of scissors will do if you don't have a digital cutter

Start off by following the directions on the heat and bond to adhere it to your fabric.
If you have a Silhouette or other digital cutter, you'll need to create your monogram in the software. Be sure to measure the area you want it to go.

If you don't have a digital cutter, you can trace a monogram on the paper backing of the heat and bond to cut out with scissors.
Once your monograms are cut out, iron them down on to the towels.

Then sew around the outside edge.

That looks nice, but I wanted to add a little more. How about a ruffle?
Measure the bottom edge of your towel. Mine was a little over 15 inches.

For a good ruffle, a general rule of thumb is to have the fabric be twice the width of what you are attaching the ruffle to. I decided to do a 32 inch width. I did a 2.5 inch length.

Hem up the sides and bottom edge of the strips.

Do a gathering stitch along the unfinished edge of your strips.

My ruffling tip is to find the middle of what you are attaching the ruffle to, as well as the middle of your strip of fabric. Pin the middles together, right sides together, edges matched up.

This will allow you to evenly gather the fabric on each side and pin.

Sew the fabric ruffle to the towel. Zig zag the raw edge to prevent fraying.

Flip the ruffle over and top stitch it down.


Now you've got a personalized Christmas gift for your favorite friends and neighbors!

Pair it with some cooking utensils, or ingredients for a favorite recipe and you're set!

Thanks for having me today Tasha! I hope to see you all over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff soon!

Thank you Sumo for such a fun and simple handmade gift idea and tutorial.  
I love new kitchen towels and know I would love to receive one of these. 


Anonymous said...

Cute! i want some of my own :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

These are really cute and look so easy to make. Love the monogram idea.

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