Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fat Quarter Child's Apron Tutorial

Material's Needed:
1 Fat Quarter
1 scrap of fabric 7" x 10" (for the pocket)
Ribbon (3/8 inch to 1 inch wide)
Matching thread
Sewing Machine
Iron and ironing board
1.  You are going to start with your fat quarter.  A fat quarter is a piece of fabric that measures 18 inches by 22 inches.  You can buy them at most fabric stores or on-line. 
2.  Open the fat quarter up and iron it flat.  You are going to want to lay it out with the longer (22inch) side on the bottom.  The 22 inches will be the length of your child's apron.
3.  Fold the fabric together with right sides facing together.  It will now be 22 inches down with 9 inches at the bottom. 
4. Draw a line for where the shape of the apron top will be.  I went 5 inches in and 8 inches down and then curved it between those two points.  Once you have drawn it on you will cut this piece out and open up your fabric.
5.  It should now look something like this.  It will be the shape of your apron.
6.  I start sewing my sides down first.  You are going to double fold over about a quarter inch.  Iron each fold down.  First, the raw edge.
7.  Then the doubled over edge.  Pin it down also.  Do this to both sides. 
8.  Sew down both sides of the apron.
9.  Your two sides will look something like this when you are done.
10.  Next, I do the hem of the apron (or bottom of the apron).  You are going to double fold over for this also.  Here I do a half inch fold over both times.  I like it a little larger on the bottom.
11.  It should now look something like this (from the back side of the apron). 
12.  Now, we are going to do the curved sides of the top of the apron.  You are going to double fold over this also.  The bottom part of it is going to be a little larger then the top.  Like you side above.  Iron it down and then pin.   Do this to both sides.
13.  Sew down both of these curved sides.
14.  Finally do the top.  Here I also do a half inch double turn.  Iron it down flat and pin and then sew it down.
15.  The back of your apron should now look something like this. 
16.  Grab your ribbon.  Cut three pieces.  One neck piece 18 inches long.  Two strap pieces 22 inches long.
17.  Pin down the ribbon.  Pin the neck piece to the top of the apron and the straps, one to each side as you see above.
18.  Sew each strap down.  I sew it down in a square shape for each strap/neck piece. 
19.  Lastly, we are going to sew on a pocket.  Cut out a pocket that is 7 inches by 10 inches. 
20.  Double fold over the top of the pocket.  Pin it down and sew across the top.  Then double fold over the sides and bottom of the pocket.  Find where you want to place the pocket on the apron and pin it down on both sides and the bottom.  (The top is already sewn across.)
21.  Sew down the sides and bottom of the pocket right onto the apron.
Now, you are done and your child has a cute apron to wear.  If you live at our house your child will get lots of use out of it too!

I will be sharing this tutorial at these fabulous Link Parties


Letti said...

I love this. It would make the perfect birthday gifts for some friends and I can include some baking supplies. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

chris said...

Adorably done, Tasha. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Aah, it looks so cute on my BF :)

Sandy said...

I love this, thanks so much. I am always on the lookout for things made out of fat quarters.. this is great!

Keriann said...

What an adorable model you have there! ;-) Cute apron!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I can't believe this is simply a fat quarter. Really cool. These would be great party favors at a baking or cooking themed party.

Nicole said...

So cute, and better yet so easy! I think I could even do this! :)
Great tutorial.

Nicole @ DavisDomestications.com

A Plain Path said...

Thank you for this great tutorial!! I found you on Pinterest today, and made one for my little guy. It was so fast and easy, that I made two, one to giveaway. You can see my dinosaur apron on my blog:


Thanks again! Fabulous!!

Di said...

Thanks so much! I actually just followed your tutorial and made 8 aprons for my daughters upcoming sweet shop candy 5th birthday party! They cam our SEW great! Thank again!

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