Thursday, February 3, 2011

Relief SOLE-ciety Activity

Last night was the Relief SOLE-ciety Activity that I made all the cute shoe invitations for. 
It was our Visiting Teaching Conference for the year.  (Visiting Teaching is part of the organization of the Relief Society for our church.  It is where ladies in our church go out and help visit and serve different ladies.)  This conference is meant to motivate others to continue in this beautiful program. 

The room was decorated in bright pinks and greens.  The start of the evening was a skit performed by many of the sisters from our ward.  It was called "The Relief SOLE-ciety".  For those of you who have emailed me wanting a copy you can find one HERE
We called a sister in our ward to help us put on the skit.  She was amazing.  She took the skit and made it a little simpler.  Instead of each sister coming in shoes that went with their part she made cute signs that had their shoe type on them. (Similar to the above picture.) On the back of the sign she had each person's part typed onto it.  So, the sisters did not even have to have them memorized.  They were only required to come 30 minutes early.  They were handed their part that night.  She directed it and helped to prompt the sisters.   (Now the two main parts were handed out earlier and asked to read through it many times and be more familiar with it.  They did a darling job.) 

After the skit we had a guest speaker who was cute and darling and talked about Visiting Teaching and incorporated little puns from the skit.  It was really good.
Afterward we served a light meal of sandwiches, salads, punch, and these darling cookies (that someone donated) and cute high heeled red chocolates.  It was a great evening and everyone who came seemed to enjoy it. 


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it last night. The skit was funny and fun.

Anonymous said...

Still love those shoes!!! Glad everything went well.

Letti said...

It was a fabulous night. They speaker was fantastic too. Good job!

Chris said...

The cookies are darling. I'm hungry now.

Alison said...

Wow, what a darling idea (but a lot of work, too!) Those shoe cookies are amazing!

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