Sunday, February 27, 2011

Relief Society Birthday Service Party

This is our invitation to the event.  I created it in Picnik.

This month's Relief Society activity is going to be a Service Birthday Party.  (I am the counselor in my ward over Relief Society activities.  Thus, I figure I might as well share the different activities I am planning.  I know these posts will not apply to all of you, but hopefully you still find some things within them..) I am pretty excited about this activity.  I knew I wanted the activity to be a Party theme.  Our Relief Society President shared the idea of doing a Service Party.  I immediately loved it.  What is Relief Society about?  Service. Charity.  What better way to celebrate the Relief Society program then to have a Service Birthday Party. 
These buntings come from my tutorial here.

The decorations for the night are geared around buntings.  Hence how you see colorful buntings on the invitation.  It will add some color and fun to the night.  I am actually sewing my paper buntings together.  There are going to be large and small ones.  We are also making these darling (darling) party hat headbands for everyone to wear.  I got the idea from here.  I am still working on mine...but I promise to show you when they are done.  Mine will be made from fabric instead of paper.
This is our extra flier.  I like to pass out a second flier the week before the event.  This one was created in picnik also.

At the party we are have 4 stations. We will be breaking into groups and rotating through the stations throughout the evening. Station 1: A letter writing station. We will be writing letters to soldiers for our country, home bound members of our church, different members of our church we know could use some letters or love right now. (And really anyone someone feels could use a letter or note.) I will have a list of ideas of people to write to sitting on the table. Station 2: Cleaning Station. We will be cleaning all the toys in the nursery at our church. Station 3: Making a Quilt. Well, tying a quilt. It is for a family in our ward that could use some love right now. Station 4: This one is actually not a service but more geared toward the Relief Society organization. We will be having a quiz on Relief Society. As a group they are to answer all the questions. The team that answers the most question correctly will win a prize at the end of the night.
cupcakes picture taken from Ohdeedoh

Cupcake Contest.  We are also having a fun cupcake contest.  We have invited anyone to participate who would like to.  They are to bring 12 decorated cupcakes.  That night we will have a pretty table set up to put all the cupcakes on along with judging cards.  During the night the ladies can each judge the cupcakes.  At the end of the night we will have prizes for the winning cupcakes and then our dessert will be the cupcakes.   I am excited to see what kind of cupcakes we have brought in.  It should be really fun.  It also adds to our "party" theme.

Now here is where I NEED YOUR HELP.  I need to come up with some good judging ideas for the cupcakes.  Do you have any category ideas?  I seem to be drawing a blank.  I have a few vague ones....but please share your ideas.  I would love to hear them.


Alison@Oopsey Daisy said...

I LOVE that bunting, Tasha! So great!

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be a fun night. And clean nursery toys too? WE were just saying yesterday how gross the toys are. :)

Emma said...

You are so creative! We are having cakes be the centerpieces for each table for our RS b-day party. I am making a two layer lemon cake with a small cake bunting in spring colors. I love how RS has a birthday party each year. Sorry I can't think of different categories your cupcakes competition.

Kelly said...

Here are some ideas for the competition.

Best use of color
Most creative theme
Most unique
Best use of frosting
Best use of toppings (sprinkles, ect.)
Best Chocolate
Most unique flavor

Hope you have a blast. Sounds like a wonderful evening.

I'm not going to lie - I will be stealing this idea for my next party with friends :)

Amy said...

FUN FUN FUN!! My mom got this idea from me, it was something our ward did last year. Some of the categories on the cupcake comp. were most kid friendly, most spring-like, most extravegant, most unigue. I can't think of anything else. But it was really fun, and so good to get those nursery toys cleaned! Some were REALLY gross!

Tasha said...

Thank you, thank you my friends!! These category ideas are fabulous. You are the best. And Thank you Amy for sharing this fun idea with your Mom :)

By the Bluegrass said...

Fun! And, don't don't forget about best over all.

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