Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fluffy Flower Hairclip Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I came up with this tutorial for Kaysi at Keeping it Simple while she was on maternity leave.  Between all the fun Handmade Christmas stuff and a crazy hectic life I have never shared it with all of you.  So, today is the day.  It is a new little idea I came up with when someone had asked me to create some wedding clips.  At the time I used some chiffon to make them...but today I am using cotton fabrics. 
October 2010 218
They are pretty simple. 
October 2010 181
First grab you supplies. You will need some scrap fabric, needle and thread, scissors, a small piece of felt, hot glue, and a hair-clip.
October 2010 180
There are two sizes you can make.  I will show you both.  The smallest one you cut a strip of fabric that is 3/4inch x 22 inches.  For a little bit larger you cut 1inch x 30 (+)inch strip.
October 2010 187
Then get your needle and thread and start gathering up the strip of fabric
October 2010 189
Make sure you are pulling it nice and tight.
October 2010 194
After you have gathered the whole strip of fabric you are going to gather the fabric back and forth, bath and forth.
 October 2010 197
Then sew through all the bottom part to keep it together.  Go through a number of times and then tie off the thread.
October 2010 200
It should look like this when you turn it over.  Isn't it cute.  So small and fluffy.  I love it.
October 2010 204
Instead of gathering your fabric back and forth, and back and forth you could instead roll it up like this one.  Then you would sew through the bottom just like the other one. 
October 2010 217
Either way when you are done you will turn it over to the bottom and add a small circle of felt.  I hot glued mine on.  Then I added a hair clip with hot glue too.
October 2010 218
Pretty simple right?  And super cute.   I hope you all have fun making them!  I know I am.


Chris said...

CUTE as always, Tasha. My girls would love some.

Farah Muzaffar said...

Very cute Tasha....can make it in matching... good idea..



Maridith @ Strictly Homemade said...

Cute cute!! I really wish my daughter would wear these!! Good thing I am having another girl so I can still enjoy these beautiful things!!

Hope you are doing well. I enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas. Great ideas!!

Julie said...

Super cute! I will need to try these for my girls!

Jeanna said...

I love it! Going to have to make some of these this weekend.

Jeanna @ dramaqueenseams.blogspot.com

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