Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Relief Society Birthday Activity

I am in the Relief Society presidency in my Church  and I am co over the activities we put on each month.  (With my friend Kristen who is also in the president. We do not have an activity leader.)  Every month we plan different activities that will help strengthen the women in our church.  March's activity is more of a celebration of the anniversary of the beginning of the Relief Society program.  This year we celebrated 170 years.  Pretty amazing.  It is a wonderful organization that I love being a part of.  As a presidency we decided we wanted to do a "party" theme with birthday hats, birthday cake, games, and even a handmade gift to each sister.   It was neat to meet together and plan this activity as we each came with different ideas that all fell right together. 

I had the idea to have sisters sign up to make a cake and bring it on a cake pedestal. This would be our center piece and also the dessert served that evening.  Our president had the idea to make a fun cute present for each sister. A heart hot pad and all three of us made a set of them. They were adorable and sadly I have no pictures other then them wrapped in that cute pink paper with a real ribbon bow.   Kristen had the idea to make adorable birthday hats for each lady to wear all evening.
 Kristen's fun birthday hat idea was a hit.  She created these ADORABLE paper hats using scrapbook paper and tissue paper and elastic thread.  She and I spent many hours putting together all 42 of them.  By, the last day she ended up horribly sick (and even had to miss the event.  So sad.) and I did all the tissue fray.  I thought I was going to die by the end...but they were so adorable it was totally worth all the time and effort.  I loved them!
 Gluing, gluing, and more gluing.  
It was worth every minute of it!
We took a small strip of tissue and frayed both ends.
Then crumpled them up and straightened them up again and hot glued them on.  
I did the same for the pompom top except scrunched it into a little ball.
We also played 2 games.  The first one was on the history of the Relief Society. Our Relief Society President put together an opening spiritual message on the history of the Relief Society.  She then came up with 10 questions from her message.  The message was given before the dinner and then the game was played after.  People did not know it had to do with the game.  It made for a fun surprise.  The winners were able to choose a small prize from a prize bucket.

The second game I created from a baby shower I have played before.  In the baby shower game you take small baby items and put them individually into different brown paper lunch sacks.  Then you number the sacks and pass them around the room and the guests have to try to guess what baby item is in the bag.  I changed the game to kitchen items.  (You can see some of the items I used in the above picture.)
Since we would have 6 different round tables set up for the event I put together 6 different sets of the the game.  I did 7 kitchen items in 7 different brown lunch sacks.  Then I had 6 sets of these.  Each table played against their own table.  In the end there were 6 different winners.  One from each table.  We had a fun bucket filled with little prizes for the winners.

We wanted the colors of the night to be bright and fun.  We all happen to love bright happy colors.  
 The Relief Society president made all these fun center piece squares.  We served a light dinner of Taco Salad.  It was simple and yummy. 
Kristen shared that adorable paper banner she had made for her daughters birthday.
The tables looked cute when they were all put together.  The different cakes were very fun.  There were some delicious and quite the variety of yummy cakes.  I always love a present with a pretty bow.

The night was a success and every lady that attended seemed to have a wonderful time. Now onto next months theme....Self Reliance and Gardening.

I will be sharing at some of THESE fabulous link parties


kristen said...

I am SOOOO glad you took photos! I am still so sad that I had to miss it...stupid flu! It turned out gorgeous. Thank you for picking up my slack with the hats. :)

~Kelly~ said...

What a nice party! I love the tissue paper accent on the hats~ I'll have to remember that one~ never made them myself before. All of the polka-dots and stripes and bold colors were lovely. And I agree... it's all about the presentation with the gift giving. Just an added accent makes it POP! Thanks for sharing your day!

Crystal said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading so I know I'm way late, but I love all the details! Everything looks great, I like how colorful the party was. I'm pinning this. :)

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