Thursday, March 1, 2012

Milkaholic Baby Boy Shower

(Please excuse pictures.  I only had my little camera that does not take as good of pictures.)
This last weekend, I was lucky enough to go to my cousin Krystal's baby shower.
It is her first baby and a little boy.
We cannot wait for him to arrive.
The shower was a little bit away so I met up with my aunt, other cousin, and sister in law to carpool.
We had a nice time chatting and enjoying ourselves on the way out and back. 
I feel so lucky to live by family.

I want to be clear that I did NOT throw this baby shower.
But, when we got there and saw how completely amazing it was I couldn't help myself from taking pictures.
It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
Magazine amazing.
I talked to the wonderful hostess, Becky Jones, and asked if could I take pictures and share them on my blog.
She was more then gracious about it.
She was the neatest lady.
The shower was thrown by 3 wonderful ladies.
(I am not sure what the other 2's names are.  I wish I did so I could give them credit too.)

Becky Jones along with my cute cousin Krystal.
Do you see the adorable apron she is wearing.
All 3 hostess wore one.
I loved that.
The ladies did an incredible job.
Outside decorations.  
As you walked up this was the first thing you saw.  

Outside decorations.
These are what you saw as you walked up to the door.
So beautiful.
Inside she had all these beautiful canvases (yes canvases) 
and picuresthat were adorable and along the Milkaholic theme.
The top left one was very large.
You can see better how it looked in the first picture in this post. 
It was behind the dessert table.
The food.
It was amazing.  
The desserts were so delicious.
The croissants in those adorable "milk" bags that were hand sewn I adored.
It was hard to choose what to eat.
This shower was all about detail.
I love details.
More of the fabulous details. 
I really loved that cute bunting behind Krystal too.

There were 3 games.
I always love getting game ideas so I wanted to share them all with you even though I only have pictures of 2.
First they handed out the "Goodnight Moon" game.
You had to fill in the missing words from the book Goodnight Moon.
Then on the back of the game there was a spot for you to write down how many candies were in this jar:
You had to guess how many malt balls were in there (not the gum that was mixed in.)
The third game was so cute, but I felt awkward taking pictures of it.
She had us each write a piece of advice for the mother on a cute white board.
Then they took our picture holding the white board with the advice and along with a little "Milk" mustache.
So clever!
These were the adorable party favors.
I know the hostess bought some of the things off of etsy. 
I went and looked it up so here are a few links if you are interested in using some of the same things she did.
Check out HERE and HERE and HERE.


Holy Craft said...

How cute! What a fun theme and I love all of the details. Nicely done!

Kaysi said...

Holy cow, pun totally intended :)!!! What an awesome party, such a fun theme! Great job!

Natural-Nesters said...

This is absolutely adorable and so fun! I love party planning and decorating and thinking up fun little themes and ideas for events! And I love seeing what other people come up with too! I would love for you to link this up at our Naturally-Nifty Linky Party!

~Kelly~ said...

Talk about a fun time!! This was such a good theme. Loved the Goodnight Moon game, too. Thanks for sharing.

Connie said...

Hi Tasha, #197 in the link party.
Hi I'm Connie at
I'm your newest follower on both GF and LF. Stop by and follow me back.
Thanks for the party.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Wow! This really was an amazing shower!

Mommy Papi and Babies Sauri said...

Oh my goodness. Details really make a difference don't they? Looks like a lot of fun.

Mommy Sauri~

Letti said...

Everything is amazing. That must of taken a lot of time. It really is beautiful.

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