Monday, February 13, 2012

Ball Valentines

 If you are looking for a last minute Valentine idea I have one for you.
I wanted a more "boy" idea for my son and saw this idea at Dandee HERE.
My son loves playing with balls all over my house.
(Even though it is against the rules and drives me crazy.)
I knew he would love giving a bouncy ball to all his classmates at school.
I also thought I would add in a little heart sucker, because honestly, it just made it look cuter and I knew my son would want to give some sort of candy too.

 I came up with these cute heart cut outs and then printed them on my computer.
(Of course my colored ink started running out so ended up doing them in black and white and then printed them on red paper.)  I cut out a little extra around the edges to see more of the red paper.  I liked how they turned out.
Nothing too fancy, but cute and simple.
Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!


Carly said...

Cute! I think this is one my favorites that I've seen out there :). It's not too love-y for boys to give their friends... and they get a ball! Who can complain? Love it :)

kristen said...


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

So cute, Tasha!

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