Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wisemen Crowns

These really could be wisemen crowns, birthday crowns, prince crowns, princess crowns...but, since I was making them as wisemen crowns, that is what I am going to call them.  For our church Christmas party two of my boys were to be Wisemen.  As I was coming up with costumes fro them, I created these.  They are fairly simple, and you could go a ton of different directions with them.  I will show you what I did.

Construction Paper (to make a template)
sewing machine and coordinating thread
Tacky Glue (optional)
Make a crown template.

I used extra long construction paper.  Here are the dimensions I used.  I didn't end up using the middle template because my 7 year old got very upset that I wanted to make one of the crowns without points.  But, I think it would have made a cool Wiseman Crown.  (I made 3 for each of my boys since even though the yougest was not going to be in the program, I knew he would cry if he didn't have one too.) 

Fold your felt in half and use your template as a pattern.   You need two crown pieces.  Cut out the two crowns.

Also cut 1 pieces of elastic 4 inches long.
Sew the 2 crown pieces together.  Make sure to insert the elastic into one of the ends.  Leave the other end open.  (Do NOT sew one end together.) 
 Cut out diamonds (or whatever shapes you would like) out of scraps of felt.  Pin them in place.
Sew the diamond down. 
Or you can glue them with Tacky glue.  I decided since this crown had so many different colors I would glue it instead of sew.  Both ways work.
After all the sewing is done take the elastic and stretch it to the other side, slip it in between the two felt crown pieces, and sew the last side closed.
It should look like this when you are done!

Here are how my three crowns turned out:
Crown 1
Crown 2
Crown 3
 And one cute Wieman ready for his performance.


chris said...

These crowns are adorable!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

So cute, Tasha! Love the elastic back... great idea!

Michele Alger said...

What an adorable crown! I'm takin' this idea and adding it to my nativity costumes. Great idea!!!

Lolly Jane said...

Bah! So cute!!

Steph said...

These are so cool! Such a great idea.

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