Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Birdie Costume

This last week when I was Utah I got to visit with my sweet sister Carly and her adorable kids.
She had been working on their halloween costumes.
Let me just say she is an AMAZING seamstress.
She gets it from my Mother.
I know I love to sew and I sew a lot and I am not knocking the things I make...
But, when she sews every last detail is BEAUTIFUL.
Well, this adorable Pink Little Birdie Costume is just that.
Oh, how I fell in love the moment I saw it hanging in the doorway.
Look at the adorable hood.
It think it is the perfect costume for a little girl almost a year old.
She actually was even keeping the hood on.
And she DOES NOT like wearing things on her head.
The back details are fabulous.
The scalloped tail.
The stuffed wings and tail.
Love love LOVE my friends.
The wings attach to her arms so they stay on, but are not annoying at the same time.
I love what her husband said the first time he say it,
"Wow, that is Legit."
Yep, I would say so!
I think she is going to be getting lots of fun compliments all night long on Halloween.
And here is the amazing seamstress.
She is such a good Mom.
She and I were inseparable when we were growing up.
I wish we could live closer to each other...
Maybe one day...

She got the idea and tutorial from Prudent Baby HERE.
She pinned it HERE.
So, if you want to make one too go check it out!


kristen said...

Oh my goodness! That is darling!!!!! Go Carly. :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This is so sweet! I love it. Your sister is really talented... just like you :)

Carly said...

You always make me feel so good about myself when you talk about the things I make. Goodness. Thank you!

I am seriously SO EXCITED to take that little birdie trick or treating!!

Amanda @ The Little Giggler said...

So incredibly cute!! The baby and the costume! :)

Katalina Jewelry said...

Your little niece looks adorable in her pink birdy costume!

sara said...

I've been waiting to see pictures! It turned out SO CUTE! My goodness! Love, love, LOVE it Carly Jane. Thanks for posting.

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