Friday, September 16, 2011

Turtle Pillow

Have you seen these cute animal pillows, known as Cuddle Pets, that seem to be everywhere these days?
My boys adore them, but, have yet to get one.
They have all told me they want one for Christmas.
I just have a hard time paying the $20 each on them.
Well, I just have to share with all of you this awesome deal that is going on at Broadcast Bloggers.
$7.99 for this adorable Turtle Pillow with only $2.00 for shipping. (The MSRP price is $19.99)
The deal closes on Saturday, September 17th so you have to hurry!!!
Click HERE if you would like to purchase one.
I have a Turtle and a Panda coming to our home.
Santa is going to make my boys pretty happy.
And if you do not know about Broadcast Bloggers you might want to check them out too!
All opinions on this post are solely mine.


Suzi said...

THANK YOU! My kids have been begging for these but I didn't want to spend so much either. They are going to be thrilled.

joyous said...

I have to say that we did fork over the big bucks for 'pillow pets' at christmas and birthdays over the last two years. All my girls have one now and they LOVE them. My big girls sleep with them every night. Totally worth the twenty bucks.

But if I HAD seen this deal, I would have jumped for it!

Aimee said...

Is it wrong to want one for myself? Even though I am an adult? :)

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