Sunday, September 11, 2011


I do not think many of us Americans wake up on this day without a mix of emotions.  I know I still Remember exactly where I was on September 11, 2001.  What I was doing when I first heard, and how I felt as I went through the entire day.  10 years after the horrific event I still tear up re-watching the events. 
It was on the way to church this morning that I realized my boys did not understand what this day was about.   As a firetruck with a flag hanging off the back passed by our car, my middle son questioned the flag on the truck.  It was then I began to explain what happened 10 years ago. 
We came home from church and the boys sat beside me as I showed them videos and pictures from the event.  I spent my afternoon Remembering.  Watching my boys learn with more open eyes.  Helping them to understand and know what this day means to us as Americans.  To help them learn what it means to Honor those who gave their lives that day.  To be Grateful to live in a country that is Free.  To know that you can be Brave like those many fireman who gave their lives trying to save.  To be Brave and Courageous like the passengers on flight 93. The importance of being United as a Country.  To stand Strong in our Faith
And so, today I have tried to RememberRemember those who lost their lives.  Remember their families who lost loved ones.  Remember the many heroes.  Remember those who still fight and serve to keep our land free.  Remember and teach and help my children love country as I do. 
I know I am grateful to be an American.  
Grateful to have an understanding of who I am. 
Grateful to Remember and  Honor those from that day 10 years ago.


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Liz said...

Lovely thoughts. You just got the year on the date wrong though. It is good to remember what happened and pass it to our children.

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