Thursday, September 1, 2011

Felt Flower Headband Tutorial

This is a simple felt flower headband.  It is great as a new hair accessory for your daughter or a great birthday present for one of your kids friends.  It is even simple enough to have your girls help you make them. 

You will need:
Scraps of felt
I used my old school sizzix to cute my flowers out, but you could also trace them using a flower pattern
Needle and thread
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric Covered Button
First thing I did was cut out my flowers.  You want 2 larger flowers and 2 smaller flowers.
You can see what my flower shapes look like.  You could also find a free template online here.
They should look like this when you are done cutting them out.
I used two colors.  Stagger your two larger flowers to look like this.
Then stagger your two smaller flowers and place them on top of the two larger ones.
Sew the 4 flowers together with your needle and thread.
Glue on a matching fabric covered button of your choice. 
Then glue the whole felt flower onto a headband. 
There you have it.  A cute new hair accessory to wear as you start into your new school year.


KC said...

What a fun project! I love making hearbands and hairclips out of recycled felt. I used to sell Eco Felt in my Etsy store and still have plenty of supplies left over for personal use :)

KC said...

Sorry, I meant "headbands" :) Featured your felt tutorial in my Squidoo article about Kunin felt:

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