Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Fever with Peppermint Plum

 We are in for another fun Spring Tutorial today with Peppermint Plum.  I was introduced to their blog fairly recently and well, I am loving their tutorials.  I keep finding new projects to add to my to-do list.  (Which is much too long currently...) Here are a few of their recent creations... (And they are all tutorials have to love that!)
 Pretty fun right?  
You should head over to their blog, Peppermint Plum, after you see this fun tutorial they are sharing here today.

Hello there!
My name is Tammy and I co-author the blog Peppermint Plum with my sister, Annie. I'm excited to participate in this SPRING FEVER event and offer a great big thank you to Tasha for allowing me to share these ideas with you!
One thing that we strive to focus on at Peppermint Plum is creating fun, seasonal decor for our homes without spending a lot (if any) moneyWe love a challenge!

We also love wreaths...especially wreaths made with something unexpected

This year, as I was decorating my home for the Spring season, I ventured away from traditional florals and Easter eggs that most cute wreaths are adorned with at this time of year. Instead, I decided to challenge myself and only SHOP FROM MY HOUSE. I wanted to see if I could come up with a few new ideas without spending any money!
Here's what I came up with:
Wreath Idea #1
I've had this big metal carrot for a couple of years now, and I've never been able to figure out the best way to decorate with it. I've displayed it in a few different ways, but lately it's just been hanging sadly on the door by itself:
I shopped around my house and gathered up some old frames. I wired them onto a basic grapevine wreath, then used the same wire to hang the carrot on the front.  I added a matching sheer-ribbon bow and hung it on the door:
I really like how the layers create depth and give dimension to a simple grapevine wreath. My metal carrot looks so much cuter now that it has some company!
Wreath Idea #2
Nothing speaks SPRING to me more than a simple egg.
This one requires a little background info:
My husband's uncle used to own an ostrich farm in northern Wyoming. While visiting one day, he told us we could keep as many ostrich eggs as we long as we were willing to collect them from the fields ourselves!
I had to distract the birds while my hubby ran for his life into the fields to grab the eggs, then ran back to safety. Ostriches have a very powerful kick (we've been told) and might not appreciate having their unborn babies stolen. Go figure!  I'm just glad no one video taped me "distracting" the birds...
We then had to drill a hole in each egg, blow out the insides, and clean them.  We worked really hard and came home with a dozen beautiful eggs. I have loved giving them as gifts and using them in my decor over the years. They currently sell for about $25 a piece on eBay, so if you can "steal" your own, do it!
  I wrapped one of the eggs with pink and green striped ribbon and hung it from some craft wire in the middle of a frame.
 Such a simple and sophisticated look.
Wreath Idea #3
 I recently had this cute little yellow duckling standing on top of these wooden "GROW" blocks that Annie made for me.
But, he was ready for a change of scenery!
I tied some thread around his neck (like a soft, friendly noose....) and hung him in the middle of the same frames that I used for the metal carrot. I also added a matching yellow polka-dot bow to the top of the frame.
The cute baby duckling spins around as he hangs... check out his little tushy from the side:
Wreath Idea #4
For this simple wreath, I removed the frames and strung a handful of tiny carrot ornaments onto a length of twine, then tied the two ends of the twine directly onto each side of the wreath.

It really can't get any easier than this!
In less than 5 minutes I had a cute new Spring wreath.
* * * * *
I know that not everyone happens to have ostrich eggs, little wooden ducklings, and fake carrots of different sizes hanging around... but my hope is that you, too, decide to SHOP YOUR HOUSE to see what you can come up with.
Let your own creativity surprise you!

Happy Spring!


Sonja said...

Love These...the little chick wreath is my favorite but I love them all!

Keriann said...

ok I am seriously in love with the "Give Said the Little Stream" subway art! Awesome!!

Cute wreaths I can't choose one?!!

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Love these! Great feature!!!
I will have to make the chickie wreath next year.


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