Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I know I shouldn't be...
There are long long list of things to do....
But, all I want to do is read a good book.

Read and read and read some more.

I get this way from time to time. 
It is my way to just find a little peace.
Currently, I have only been wanting easy quick reads.
That means young adult literature usually.

It doesn't help that I reserved a bunch of books at the library
and they came in all at the same time. 
Then I feel like I only have 3 weeks to read them all.

Here is what I read over the past couple of days:

 I am a huge Shannon Hale fan.  Huge.  I wasn't sure I was going to like this one at first.  But, I ended up really loving it.  I came away loving being a mother even more then I already do.  It is kind of weird considering that isn't what the book was about.  But, it was underlining the entire book and I loved that. 
 I had already read this one before.  But, well, it is just a fun quick read.  And well, if you are Jane Austen fan and have a small obsession with them like I do then you might find this book clever and cute too.
Shannon Hale is just a cute fun writer. 
If you have girls middle school age and up they might love her too.
(Austenland and The Actor and The Housewife are adult literature though.)
 I think my favorites of hers are her Goose Girl series. 
But, really, I love them all. 

Now on to some other books.

I keep setting goals with myself...
Do the a little.
Clean the a little.
Play a game with my a little.
Make the baby shower a little.
At a lot more.
It works and things are still getting done.

Now I just found a list of books Shannon Hale suggests on her blog
2010 Great Reads is what she calls it.
Now I want to read some of those too. 
I haven't even heard of some of the authors she loves.
I guess I will be adding some more books to my waiting list at the library.

Are any of you readers? 
Do you have any fun books to suggest?
What have you been reading?


Mormishmom said...

I {heart} Shannon Hale! I think I've read most of her books. Books that I've read recently that I love - The Hunger Games Series, I Am Number Four, and The Help. The Help is about the only adult fiction I've read over the past 2 years. I'm really drawn to YA Fic.

A Jennuine Life said...

We're big readers around here - always have at least one going. I'm not that big of a sci fi fan, but all of S.M. Stirling books have been really amazing. Also, Twilight author Stefanie Meyer's The Host is an adult novel and a nice read.

Kris said...

I love to read. Have not ever heard of this author, but I shall be looking now!!

TammyW said...

I'm a reader but I don't get to much since my daughter came along. I did a bunch of sewing for Christmas so since I haven't sewn a thing. The week after Christmas I borrowed my mom's copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and it set me off. I went to the library and got Little Women and some more modern books. When I took them back I just got more. It's been nice but I need to get my nose out of the books and back to the real world.

Anonymous said...

I loved Austenland too. I will have to go get that new one you read. I love Shannon Hale now. I have been wanting to dive into a good lately too.

Louise said...

I'm doing a similar thing on my blog this year, I want to read more this year so I've put a list of books I want to read and then a book report when I finish one.

Rhianna Garber said...

The Hunger Games is a trilogy that's really popular right now. My husband is a Middle School teacher and all the kids are reading them. Needless to say, he and I both have read them now too! It's rummored to be a movie sometime in 2011!

Maridith @ Strictly Homemade said...

I go through phases where I read a lot and then phases I read nothing! Right now I am reading some Fannie Flagg books. Quick and easy Southern books. I will have too look into Shannon Hale, but once baby gets here I doubt I will be reading much!

Also, thank you for saying yes to guest posting for me!! I really appreciate it!! You are always so sweet!!

Brandy said...

I just finished Green, by Ted Dekker which completed the circle of Black, White, and Red. They are all great reads. I also loved Shantaram by Greg David Roberts, and Little Bee (although it is a very sad book) by Chris Cleave.
Thanks for giving some suggestions. I am in such the reading mood and want to try a new author. I have never read Shannon Hale.

amy@flexibledreams said...

I've been totally slacking these last few weeks and re-reading Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures series. I love re-reading books, it's like hanging out with an old friend.

Amy said...

I just wrote down the names and I'm going to go shopping on my nook! I'm always looking for some new fun reads! ;)

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