Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Cards

Are you ready with your Christmas Cards this year?  Me...not yet...but I am working on ordering them.  Every year I like to send a picture in with my cards.  This year I want to combine the two and make the picture the card.  So, where to go to do this?  I am going with Shutterfly.  They have a huge selection of beautiful card options.  I love their Christmas Card Selection....
These are just a very few of my favorites.  How will I choose?  I love how they are classy.  Beautiful.  They make me want to open a card like them. 

Then when I went over to the Holiday Card Selection I found even more I am in love with...
Seriously, how will I choose with so many great beautiful options.  It is going to be a tuff choice.  (And I am not good at making decisions.  At all.) 

Plus, Shutterfly is having a great deal.  Go check it out here... You just might want in on it too.  Plus, if it couldn't get better then all this you could also buy a few presents while you are there.  They have great calendars and photobooks.  Getting more done at once is always good right?  I will let you know what I end up choosing.  Do you have any preferences out of all of these?


Keriann said...

Picture cards are so fun! I did hat last year but I made ours in photoshop then just simply had them print for about 1/4 of the price! They came out super cute too!


I love all the ones with the collage of pictures so fun!!!

Denise said...

my husband is a photographer/fine art digital printmaker so we create our own christmas cards, and i write a letter. oh just thinking about the whole process is wearing me out.

because of my husbands work i am always the last one to get christmas cards out.

i have a good friend who send out groundhog's dog's cards. i'm thinking of joining her.

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