Monday, October 4, 2010

Learning Flashcards on a Ring

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How many of you have little kids and lots of flashcards?  I have accumulated quite a few sets of flashcards.  My only downer with them is that they end up in a big mess.  Everywhere.  Somehow my boys get into them and then I end up with flashcards all. over. the. place.  Seriously.  Well, a few weeks ago I got this brilliant idea from Kendra over at On My Side of the Room.  (Thank you, thank you Kendra.)  Punch holes in the corner of the flashcards and attach a ring.  Brilliant.  Fabulous.  Easy.  I cannot even tell you how happy these rings on my cards make me.  Silly, but oh so very true. 
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And my almost 4 year old loves that I am doing them with him all the time.  They are becoming a fun part of our routine. 

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Do any of you have great ideas for preschoolers?  I am always looking for some new ideas.  Please share.


Amy said...

That's a terrific idea. I am going to do that myself as I very rarely get the flashcards out for the very reason that they're such a pain to tidy away.

I wish I could think of any clever ideas, but my brain is struggling to even turn on the cartoons today.

Letti said...

My kids love white boards. I will trace a letter or word and Cole has to go over it with another color marker. My older girls love them for multiplication facts and cursive too.

Amelia said...

oooh, cool. I have these for ASD learning cards. I always find that when I sit down to draw my littlest wants to draw too. Any art activity is always good - lateral mind skills and all that. Can't think of anything clever at the mo.

Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment :)


heart nan said...

Each year in seminary the students each got a set of 25 scripture mastery cards. The first year I punched holes in the corner of every single one. Then someone shared a great idea that I've used ever since... use a drill. Just clamp the cards together and the whole set is done all at once!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

I can barely handle how great this idea is. Does this mean you don't usually just let them collect under your sofa like me?

Anonymous said...'s a not so crafty idea...My kids love It's a website that helps with letters and for my son who is ADHD...he loves it! He loves the colors, sounds, games, etc.

Beth said...

This is a great idea! One of my friend's kids has a kindy teacher who gives one sight word a week and adds it to a ring. By the end of the year they'll have a ring full of sight!

Hanna said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower. I found you on the Friday link up. Lovely blog:) You can find me at

Maridith @ Strictly Homemade said...

Terrific idea and it is scary that I have never thought of this before because it is so easy!! I just found my hole puncher and it is going to get a work out this weekend!!

Great idea.

Thanks for joining me at Gifts from the Heart!!

I always love seeing what you have created!

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