Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

October 2010 399
I did it friends.  I got this tutorial put together for you.  These are the most adorable cute fun to make Fabric Pumpkins.  Just a warning...once you make some you are probably going to want to make more.  My mother first made them 3 or 4 years ago after seeing a similar one somewhere.   She came home and created this pattern.  That year she mades tons.  I was lucky enough to get an adorable set of 3.  The next year she taught me to make them.  Those were not my best.  The next year I tried again. Much better.  Then again this year...some more.  This year I made a couple to sell...and then these 24 little ones for the Appreciation dinner.  They are simple (yet a little time consuming) and super cute.  I am pretty much in love with them. 
October 2010 389
Really, who wouldn't want these cuties in their home?  Mine are a little more rustic country looking...but I have made some out of more decorative fancy fabrics and tied a ribbon on them instead of raffia and those are fabulous too.  So, find what fabric you love...and make one or two...or 24.
Rotary Cutter/mats/rulers
Matching Thread
Needle (normal sized and an extra large one)
Sewing Machine
Crochet Thread
Fiber Fill Stuffing
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Raffia (or ribbon)
October 2010 294
You are going to cut out a a piece of fabric that is 7" X 14"  (small size) or 9"x18" (Medium size) or 11"x22" (large size).  Or basically you can cut whatever size you want you just double the length of whatever your width is.
October 2010 296
I will be showing you the small size.  (Since that is what I was making.)
October 2010 298
Here are all of mine ready to go. 
October 2010 303
Next, you are going to make a tube.  So, I had my cute little helper fold all of the pieces together for me. 
October 2010 307
Make sure right sides are together. 
October 2010 308
Then with your sewing machine sew down the side.  This will create your tube. 
October 2010 309
Press open the seem.  (If you are obsessive like me.)
October 2010 310
Then grab your needle and thread (I double my thread to make it stronger), and gather all along the bottom of of the tube. 
October 2010 311
It should look like this when you are done.  Tie off the end. 
October 2010 314
Turn the fabric right side out.  This is what your bottom should look like. 
October 2010 318
Fill it up with fiber fill.  You want them to be really full of fiber fill.  They look much better if they are stuffed really good.  More is better.  Trust me. 
October 2010 321
Then grab your needle and thread again and gather the top.  This time you don't want it quite as tight.  You are going to put your stem into the top, so you want it a little loser. 
October 2010 324
Next get your crochet thread.  Or you can use regular thread or thing jute or something like that.  I like different crochet thread.  This is what I bought this time.
October 2010 327
In order to know how much crochet thread to use I wrap it around my pumpkin 3 times like this and then add a little extra.  You don't want too little...but you don't want too much.  This has worked for me.
October 2010 334
Thread it onto a big needle.  You need it to have large eye on the needle and to be a long needle.  Put a knot on the end.  Start by going through the top down into the bottom of the pumpkin.  This puts your knot inside the pumpkin.
October 2010 331
See push is through the bottom like this.
October 2010 336
Then you are going bring up back up to the top like this and then down through the pumpkin again.  I do it 5 times.
October 2010 340
It will look like this when you are done.  (This is the top of the pumpkin.) Tie it off on the bottom of the pumpkin.
October 2010 341
Side view.
October 2010 343
To make the stem grab a scrap piece of fabric.  Mine was about 3" x 2 1/2" -"3". 
October 2010 345
Fold the fabric in half (right sides together) and then draw on a stem.  You want it wide enough to be able to stuff it.
October 2010 348
Next sew along the stem drawing.   I don't actually draw on all of mine.  I just eyeball it.  But, if it is easier for you to draw it on all of them go for it.  Do what is easiest for you.
October 2010 351
Trim it down and then turn it right side out.  This is how I do it.
October 2010 352
It should look similar to this when you are done.
October 2010 355
Next, stuff it with the fiber fill.
October 2010 359
Then sew the bottom shut.  You can do this on your machine (like I did) or by hand.  It is up to you.
October 2010 365
It doesn't have to be pretty.  It is just keeping the stuffing inside.
October 2010 369
Grab your hot glue gun and glue (make sure it is warmed up) and put some glue on the bottom of the stem.
October 2010 372
Then stuff it down into the pumpkin.
October 2010 373
Aren't they all so cute?  Oh, I just love them.  Pumpkin Happiness.
October 2010 394
Then lastly grab some raffia and tie on a bow.  Super cute Fabric Pumpkin. 

Have fun making them!  Happy Fall my Friends.


Anonymous said...

I like them better than last years too, I guess that means I need to make more. :) Good job!

Abby said...

really cute and love the different orange fabric you used! I am starting to get into sewing and hope to get my first sewing machine for Christmas! This looks pretty easy to do :)

Alison said...

WOW!! Tasha, these are absolutely too CUTE!!

Condo Blues said...

How cute! My husband doesn't like my fake pumpkins on the porch (a pumpkin chunking deterrent) I bet he'd go for a set of yours though.

Suzie said...

Those are so DARLING!!! And easy, too. I am going to put some of those together this weekend.... Thanks for sharing.
Suzie @

Julie said...

So, so cute! And thanks for sharing the tutorial! I hope I can find some spare time to try the out!

shel said...

thank you so much for this tutorial! i will have to give this a whirl next Halloween :) - or I guess I could make some this November! I received a couple pumpkins like this a friend of mine made and I love them :) she used a piece of a branch for the stem - awesome!
thanks again~

michaela said...

You are absolutely so creative! I jumped at being a follower!

Mormishmom said...

Hooray! So glad you linked up these cute pumpkins!

Thanks for linking up to TOO Cute Tuesday.

Danae said...

Very cute!

Beth Eaton said...

Those are cute! I have made some out of toilet paper rolls but this seems to be able to withstand a little more than the way I did mine. Thanks for sharing -- tell your mom thanks too!

Karen L. said...

I am a bit late finding these but heck, pumpkins are still good for Thanksgiving, right? Thanks for the tute.

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