Monday, September 27, 2010

Tutorial: Halloween Banner Tutorial

September 2010 398
My friend Letti and I got together a couple weeks ago to make fun Halloween Banner's for ourselves and also as Pictionary Prizes.  I decided I would put together a tutorial on how we did them.  They were pretty simplistic and add a nice touch to my mantle.  Now to get the rest of my Halloween Decorations out. 
September 2010 322
Halloween fabrics. (I used 3 different ones, but you could use what you like)
Heat and Bond
Sewing Machine
Pinking Shears
Rotary Cutter/Mat/Rulers
Jute (or I used hemp code because I couldn't find my jute) or Ribbon
Fray Check
Exacto Knife
September 2010 318
Cut out your triangles.  Each one is going to be doubled as in the picture above.  I did the word "SPOOKY" so I needed 6 of these double triangles. I used my Rotary Cutter/Mat/Ruler to cut them out.  I folded my fabric in half and then measured every 4 inches for my peaks (so they were 8 inches across the top).  You could do them whatever size you would like. 
September 2010 320
Then get your Heat and Bond out.  Trace out your letters.  I printed out letters from my computer and then traced off of those.  Just remember to trace the letters backwards so they iron on correctly.  Then iron them to the fabric you want and cut them out and finally iron each letter onto a different triangle. I alternated my three fabrics with an ABCABC pattern.
September 2010 325
Next, you want to sew around the triangles.  This will help them to hold better.  I used matching thread.  You can do it how you like.
September 2010 387
Grab your pinking shears.  Go all the way around all of the triangles.
September 2010 391
We decided to go for an easy rustic look so we used an exacto knife and cut slits and then used fray check to make sure they wouldn't fray.  This is where your jute is going to go to string the whole banner together.
September 2010 392
This is what my slits looked like. 
September 2010 395
Make sure you do this to all your letters. 
September 2010 403
Then grab your jute (or hemp cord for me), and string your letters on.  Then I took matching fabric strips and tide some in between each letter.  This was Letti's idea and helped to keep the letters from moving around and also looks super cute.
September 2010 398
And there you have it.  Fun.  Cute.  Pretty simple.  Happy Halloween!

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kristen said...

super cute! I just might have to make one.

Carly said...

So cute!!

But I must admit, I am just NOT feeling Halloween yet around here. I can't even believe it might be time to pull out decorations!! Yikes. Although, I would be willing to each pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and candy corns. Double standard? Perhaps.

lynda said...

They look really cute! I love that you and Letti are having regular craft days. Fun!

Mormishmom said...

Woohoo! I am making one of these. It's fantastic!

Letti said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial. I am loving are craft days even if we missed the last two for sick I love how your banner turned out.

Steph said...

Adorable! I think my kids would love this one.
New to your blog and hope to link up this Friday!

MJ said...

So cute! And a nice change from all the store bought items... Well done!

Kim said...

This is so cute. I love the fabrics you chose and that you used the word "spooky." Very nice.

kimberly @ craftyland said...

so cute and easy! just how i like it :)

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