Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who came and linked up to my Friday link party. Can I just say happiness! I loved it. I loved going to each of your blogs and looking at what you had made. There really is something great about sharing ideas with each other. I hope you will come back again this Friday and share again.

This weekend I spent hours making lots (and lots) of headbands and hair bows for my niece and sister. Of course what did I do...not take any pictures. How do I do that sometimes? Seriously. Ugh. I last minute realized my parents were going out to visit them and stopping at my house on the way and I could send her some. So, I spent a few hours on Saturday whipping out some things. Because, really, I like nothing more then to make things for my family (I am being serious too). But, I am sad I didn't take pictures. There were some cute ones. Now, what is up this week? I few more baby presents and bibs and hair bows and maybe even some cute teeny tiny baby newborn skirts along with some some headbands for a friend. I also recently bought a quilting foot for my sewing machine. So, I just might get brave enough to hook it on and start practising. Happiness. Here are a few bibs I have been up to lately.
Creation Corner 2010 011
I happen to just love cute baby bibs. They are a bit of work. Simple pattern, but time consuming. But, I still am always drawn to them. What are you up to this week?


Carly said...

HIP HIP HOORAY!! I just talked to mom and they are about an hour and half from my house... and now I know there's a little surprise from you that they are bringing! YOU ARE THE BEST! I only wish my camera had batteries (how does this always happen to me?) and I would take pictures for you!

Um, and seriously cute bibs. I hear ya that bibs are a time-consuming job. I wish I was as drawn to them as you are... I keep thinking I should make some more and still haven't! These all turned out so cute!

Carly said...

Um, unless you were sending them to Sara and Maggie ... in which case you shouldn't feel bad about my last comment because you've already made me some!! And I love a cute headband on that sweet Maggie girl :).

Either way, you are SO WAY TOO GOOD to all of us :). We are lucky to have your bow-making skills in the family!

Jami Balmet said...

And I hate when I do that! I spend hours working on something only to give it away and forget to take photos :( lame!

Keriann said...

Those bibs are darling! Busy week for you! I am just hoping to finish James' quilt and then maybe some other odds and ends I have laying around.

Good luck practicing with the darning foot! It is rather intimidating but once you get past it and start trying it's SUPER fun!

Mormishmom said...

It drives me nuts when I forget to take pictures! I am trying to get caught up on things I've started bu haven't finished :) I also have a few Halloween projects I want to get started on.

Sherry said...

Adorable bibs! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post about Tasha Tudor. That is so awesome she is your namesake and that you and your Mom have all of her books. I went online and printed off a list of all of her books and every now and then I will order another one from Amazon. she was an awesome gal!:)

Denise said...

makes me wish i had a baby...for a minuet.

this week i'm finishing up a room redo, preparing for school (starts next week), and avoiding california heat (104 today and 107 tomorrow).

lucianna said...

These are beautiful!!! Do you have a tutorial? I'd love to make them for my baby. Thanks!

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