Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Glasses Case

August 2010 111
I used the tutorial Here, but changed it up a little. I decided not to do the Velcro part of it. This was pretty simple and fun to make. You could use it for reading glasses, regular glasses, sunglasses. Whatever you throw into your purse or have laying around your house.
August 2010 107

And don't forget to come back on Friday and link up all your fun projects you have been working on lately. I am really excited to see what you have creating.

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Letti said...

Cute. I love your choice of fabrics.

Keriann said...

too cute...i think I'm gonna have to try it myself!

Allison Holmes said...

so cute! I really should try this... im totally ghetto right now, i lost my glasses case a while ago and now I keep them in one of Melia's fuzzy socks so they wont get scratched in my purse!

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