Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirring a Skirt

July 2010 572
Well, the shirring movement has grabbed me. This week I made 3 shirred skirts. The first one was a no go. It ended up too big. Sigh. But, luckily I am seeing my pregnant sister this weekend and we think it will be great for her (if not now, in a few months when she gets to the end of the pregnancy). So, happiness to that. Then I made some adjustments and moved on to this cutie. I am happy about it. In fact, as I type this I am wearing it and feeling oh so comfortable.
July 2010 566
Last night I fished around my fabric stash and ended up deciding upon a plain white one and made one more. You see, I am having a fun filled weekend celebrating my brother coming back from serving a mission for our church for two years. That means lots of family around (happy day!) and lounging in some fun skirts sounded good to me.
July 2010 573
I used a pattern word of mouth from my sister. I ended up doing it slightly different and figured out what worked best with my machine. But, there are some fun tutorials out there teaching you how to shirr. So, here are a few:
How to shirr by Everyday Celebrations
Shirring Tutorial by Pretty Ditty
Shirring: A Tutorial by Ruffles and Stuff
Have fun! Maybe you will become as addicted as I have.


Anonymous said...

so fun! I still haven't made it to the store to buy the elastic thread, but hopefully soon! I can't wait to make some too, for me and Jane!

Jennifer said...

LOVE the shirred skirt. I would love to try it! How did you determine the width (waist size) to account for the gathering with the elastic thread? Do you add a certain number of inches to your waist size? Thank-you! Happy Sewing! Jennifer

Tasha said...

Jennifer - I cute two pieces of fabric that were 36 inches by 24 inches (you will want it longer if you are taller. I am shorter, so I did it 24 inches) Anyways...that is for about a size medium. So, add or subtract two inches per size. (small=34 inche, medium =36 inches, large 38 inches) Hopefully that helps you.

Amelia said...

it looks incredibly impressive I must say :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tasha. I kind of have been doing that. I bought a couple of summer dresses for my daughter at Wal-Mart, but they were a bit short, so I cut them by the armpits. Since they were already shirred half way, all I had to do was saw seams -I don't like raw edges- and she's wearing them to church.

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