Friday, July 2, 2010

Job Jars

June 2010 300
Just before I left for our family trip a good friend came over with all the supplies to make these Job Jars. We have both seen them over a Make and Takes and loved the idea for our boys. The idea is for the kids to have a number of "chores" they have to do before fun things can happen.
Our "Chores" are:
1. Put breakfast dishes in the sink/counter
2. Make their bed
3. Brush their teeth
4. Pick up their bedroom
5. Do one thing from the learning box (this could be a worksheet, read a book to me, do a learning game, etc. I have them all stored away in a box for each child.)
It has been going good so far. My boys have to accomplish all 5 of these things before they get any computer or TV time. Most days so far it takes until 11 or 12 before they get them all accomplished. But, it gives a good goal for them and I see these simple things actually happening. The jars sit on my mantel where the kids are reminded what they need to do.
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Denise said...

my kids have daily chores they have to accomplish before they can turn on the tube or computer too, but i like the learning box. i've been wanting them to have their summer break form schooling, but want to keep their minds alert and learning.

maybe a learning box is in our future!

Letti said...

I love this!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Wavey is getting to the age of needing a "job jar." This is very inspiring.

tatyana[tanya] cohen said...

I LOVE it! especially the learning jar!

Anonymous said...
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