Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

I hope all you Americans had a wonderful 4th of July. It is one of my favorite holidays and I love to deck out for it. I ended up making this bow tie for my littlest guy, but when my two other boys saw it they said to me "That is a bow Mom. I am not wearing that." I had to laugh. So, I made them regular ties instead. Too bad they were a lot more work. But, you do what you have to right? I really wanted them to wearing red white and blue at church.
July 2010 044
Here is the cute bow tie I love. I thought he looked so handsome in it. One of my friends little guy ended up with a bow tie out of the same fabric too. We had to take a picture.
July 2010 052
Here are how the ties turned out. I originally made a whole tie. Then we had trouble getting it to tie right (it needed to be a little longer). So, after all that I ended up chopping it and sewing it together and pinning it onto the boys. I definitely learned a lot. Next time I will do things a little differently. But, it is all a learning process right? And the boys looked handsome and that made me happy!
July 2010 102
I got to make the pin I wanted for myself too. I really loved how it turned out. I now have more plans for these cool pinwheels. I think I just might be using them for a BBQ I am helping to plan for a bunch of ladies. Wouldn't bigger ones make great centerpieces.? Either way, I loved wearing this yesterday!


Suzi said...

I love it! so cute. How did you make the tie? I would love to make some.

Letti said...

The ties were so cute Tasha. You sure are talented. I loved when you told me why Tanner wouldn't wear the bow tie.

Mormishmom said...

They turned out so cute!

Carly said...

Love em all!! The pin wheel is just darling. I think it would be so cute on a big (red) stick as part of a centerpiece.

And Tanner is just too funny not wanting to wear a "bow"

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