Monday, June 14, 2010

Party Hats

I love parties. And I love making things for all my parties. Whether it be a birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, holiday party, whatever it might be I like to make and sew and have fun with a theme. So, when I saw this fun tutorial on party hats I had to add it to my list of fun things I have found and love. Aren't they fabulous? Girly and fun. I don't get to do girl very much. But, someday I might. And if not, a lot of you do right? So, I am sharing it with you. They come from Girl. Inpsired. Stef has lots of great ideas and tutorials over there. I happen to find things I love all the time at her blog. Go check out the tutorial here.

1 comment:

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Oh, now THIS is just to adorable.

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