Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July Must Haves

My Internet has been down for the past two days. Well, not exactly down, but just SO slow there was no way I could read blogs easily let along download pictures and blog about something. So, today after my fabulous husband figured out the glitch I now am happily blogging again. Yeah!

I saw these cute pinwheel brooches and fell in love. Oh, I love them. Wouldn't this be the perfect 4th of July accessory? I know I plan to wear a blue skirt and white shirt and sweater, but where am I going to add some red in? This would be perfect. Or I could make a fun headband? I cannot quite decide. Either way, I am in love with these and want to make one (or two or three. Any one else want one? I have a feeling I might become obsessed). They come from the fabulous Betz White. Go here to check it out.

And what are my boys going to be wearing? I just saw this over at 30 Days and seriously, I want to make one for each of my boys. Since the 4th is on a Sunday this year they need to sport a little red white and blue to church right? They come from Say Yes to Hoboken. She gives a tutorial. Go check it out here. Happiness.

I also made a fun small 4th of July table runner today. I even took pictures, so I will share the tutorial later. For now, I am just happy to have my computer runny properly. Happy day to you all!

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Mormishmom said...

Stop it! Those pinwheels are adorable! I'm debating about the bow tie. I think they are awesome, but I haven't decided if JT is a bowtie kind of boy. Hmmm . .. LOL Isabella is going to sport some version of this (whatever I come up with in the end) with a tutu - not for church, but for the family BBQ that afternoon.

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