Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July Mini Tablerunner Tutorial

June 2010 283
This is more like a mini-tablerunner, beceause I wanted a smaller one for a smaller table. Here is how I made my mini-tablerunner. You can really make yours any size you want.
4th of July fabrics. I used 1/4 yards of 3 different pieces and only part of them.
warm and natural
backing fabric
Matching thread
Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter
June 2010 248
First, cut your center piece. Mine was 9x16 inches. I didn't want it too big because my table is not huge.
June 2010 250
Somehow I missed the next picture, but you need to cut strips. 2 that are 2.5x16 inches and then 2 others that are 2.5x13 inches. Lay the strip that is 2.5x16 inches face down on each lenth side of your center fabric and then pin and sew down.
June 2010 252
When done iron it flat. Do this to both lenth wise sides.
June 2010 254
When done pin face down the two pieces of 2.5x13 inch strips on the other ends of the center piece fabric.
June 2010 256
Sew those sides down as well.
June 2010 257
Then iron them flat.
June 2010 258
It should look like this when you are done. Now you are going to cut out a piece of warm and natural and a backing piece of fabric that are the same size as your completed front. Mine was 19.5x13.
June 2010 259
Pin the 3 pieces together with right sides of the fabrics facing outward. (Front, warm and natural, and then backing piece.)
June 2010 260
I wanted to quilt on the inside of the center piece and the star strips.
June 2010 261
Next make your binding (or buy some)
June 2010 264
Pin it down.
June 2010 265
Sew it down.
June 2010 267
And finally finish it off. If you want to see my binding tutorial go here.
June 2010 281

Now you have something fun to go on your dinner table or any table in your house. I just need to figure out what to put on top of it. Hmmm.

Happy 4th of July. This really is one of my favorite holidays!


Anonymous said...

I love that! And I think this topiary at this link will look cute on it.

Carly said...

SO CUTE! I love it. I wish I had alittle more energy this week (come down with a cold or something) because my brain is buzzing with 4th of July crafts that just won't ever happen. Oh well. But I'm glad yours are!!

Keriann said...

Great job Tasha! That topiary Kristen found is adorable! My first thought was to get either a clear vase or a blue glass vase and fill it with sparklers...but those are dangerous to have sitting around with young boys in the house so you can make some cute ones....

Thin wooden dowels, patriotic papers (or plain r/w/b) fun patriotic wire (you know the stuff they make little girls head wreaths with at fairs) and glue.

Oooo I'm making this up as I type so let me just go give it a try and post it for you! Hopefully will post by lunch

Letti said...

I love the fabrics that you chose. I can't wait to see it in person.

Alison said...

How cute is that?! It turned out so fabulous and festive!

Anonymous said...

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