Friday, April 23, 2010

Almost done. Almost.

April 2010 297
I have been working on these bibs for the past week. Just one step at a time. I have made about 30 bibs...both boy and girl fabrics (obviously the ones you are seeing are girl). I have made about 12 for my sister's sister in law and then the others I plan to put into piles and sell in my etsy shop. So, if you are looking for a fun baby present, gift, or for your own little one...bibs will be coming soon. Very soon.
April 2010 293


BeautifulDees said...

They are adorable. I am getting a granddaughter in June, she would look so cute in them. Love em.
Love ya,Debbie

Carly Jane said...

You can seriously never get enough bibs!! And those are just darling!

sara said...

love love LOVE them! I am so lucky to have you as a crafty sister and that you did these for me (for Michelle)! She is going to LOVE them too!!! You are just the BEST. Can't wait to see you in less than a week!!!

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