Monday, March 1, 2010

Quilt of Faith Continuation

This last Wednesday my friend Letti and I got together and laid the quilt out together. There were so many different prints and I was a little lost as to how to put it all together. Letti had the brilliant idea of color coordinating the rows.
All the squares are not in this picture. Do not worry if you don't see yours. It will be in it.
This actually isn't exactly how the final rows ended up. I decided to make a whole yellow row and a separate orange row. But, it is coming along. I was only missing a couple orange squares and my Mother and a good friend filled me in with the rest. By the end of this week I should have the whole thing put together and maybe even quilted. My goal is to have it in the mail by next Monday. We shall see if I can meet my goal. It sure is fun to see it all coming together. Thank you everyone who sent fabric and squares. I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I know the Stakers will appreciate it too.
Now to decide what to do with some of the extra fabric. I want to use it for a good cause.
And if you are wondering what this Quilt of Faith is go here.


Amelia said...

this looks great! I want to go and get all my fabric out:)


Kathryn said...

i love the coordinating color rows. that's such a great idea!

have you ever made a blanket for project linus?

that'd be a great use for the extra fabric. and right now, you can make 1 blanket and donate it to them for 1 disneyland ticket with their give a day/get a day promotion.

happy quilting!

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