Sunday, February 14, 2010


I grew up in a family that is all about the Valentines. Really, we not only love this holiday, but we LOVE to make our own Valentines. Infact, I really just do not get the whole buying one. Really. I don't. Since I was little we have made our own. Cut out hearts, dollies, stickers . . . and as we have gotten older we keep on doing it. Here are few from this year that I have gotten. And really, these are not all of them.

See what I mean. Fun stuff. And you don't have to do hard things. But, you do have to make it. I am teaching my boys the same thing. Handmade is best.


Jillyboo said...

what fun!!! I love them all. And I love you too!

Anonymous said...

I love them all! Those are so adorable. bedroom furniture

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