Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quilt of Faith

This week I was introduced to a new blog.
It was through a close friend.
She does not know this girl.
I do not know this girl.
But, we both have been completely touched by her story.
I don't even think that states it right.
I actually sat at my computer and sobbed through what I read.

It is about a mother who left her boys in the bath tub for just a moment
And the one year old drowned.
He was resuscitated.
He survived.
He is struggling for his life in Primary Children's Hospital in Utah.
He is pushing strong.
Miracles are happening.
Many miracles.
But, it is a long long road.
Oh my heart aches. Aches so badly.
Because it is just so real.
Especially if you read her blog.
She is like me. Like you. Like so many of us.
She is a good Mother.
She wasn't trying to have something bad happen.
But it did.
And yet as you read the blog you can just feel of her faith and strength.
She is real in it.

Well, it has left me thinking.
Thinking of a lot of things.
Praying for her.
Praying hard.
And aching.
What could I do?
And idea came to me. Something small.
But, aren't we suppose to act upon promptings when we receive them?
So, often I don't. But, I need to change that.
So, today I am.
And, I am sharing it with you.
Maybe none of you will be able to do it.
But, I thought I would share it with you just in case you would like to.
I am going to make a quilt of faith for this little boy.
Do you want to help?
You can send me a square of fabric to add in.
Have the quilt filled with women and men of faith also.
Who want to help. Who send their love. And their faith.
I haven't quite figured out the pattern, but, it will probably be simple.
The square needs to be 8 inches x 8 inches.
I might end up cutting it down. But, then I will have at least enough.
But, I need it quickly.
I want to make the quilt quickly and send it to her.
My friend Letti is going to help me put it all together.
We are doing this together.
So if you are interested in adding a square email me.
But, I need it within a weeks time.
By February 16th
The colors are going to be bright/bold reds, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, etc.
And if nothing else, please pray for baby Bronson.
For his parents Matt and Sara.
For his whole family.
You can find them here.
Prayers are needed.
And they are helping already.


Maggie said...

That is so completely heart breaking. Bless you for sharing their story and reaching out to help.

I've got some red fabric to send you. You've got my email address if you could send me the info on how to get it to you I'd be grateful.

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Hi Tasha,
I just emailed you and I updated my post with this info. I just happened to post about "worthwhile crafting" today and added this post to it. Hope it helps!

simplydesigning.blogspot.com said...

Tasha - that is so moving. Thank you for sharing the story and for doing something for this family!

I would love to send some fabric. Send me your mailing address and I will put it in the mail!

And I am also going to link this up on my blog today too to hopefully get the word out there a little farther.

Also, as long as you don't mind...I would like to send this through email to some friends. I am sure some of them would love to help too!

Good luck!!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I am adding this to my blog right away!

Sara said...

Oh, Tasha! I have found you! I HAVE FOUND YOU! It is like Christmas all over again! {Sigh... Of happiness... and relief...}

Let me quickly explain... It may be hard to believe when you hear what happened, but I am actually a pretty organized person, I promise! When your AMAZING quilt arrived, my life was in a bit of chaos... After coming home from the hospital with Bronson, we were inundated with visits, messages, cards, letters, and even several amazingly generous gifts... your "Quilt of Faith" amongst our very favorites. A dear friend and neighbor offered to take all of the cards and letters, pictures, printed copies of the e-mails, and text messages etc. and compile them into a scrapbook (knowing I would never have the time to do so). She was nearly done when your "Quilt of Faith" arrived, and had come over to show me the scrapbook and collect a few pictures that she wanted to add to it. She was actually at my house when the package with your quilt was delivered to my front door. She watched me open it. Wee were shocked. We cried at how beautiful it was. We cried watching Bronson instantly claim it as his own and wrap it around himself. And we cried even more when we read your letter and thought of you hovering over it for hours, piecing, stitching, unpicking (apparently!) and working tirelessly, all the while with our family in your heart. I can not express how touched we were. We absolutely love it! It is priceless to us! And moreso is the sentiment behind it. I can not express our gratitude...

Which is why finding you today feels so wonderful! I had no idea how to contact you! I am sorry to explain that in the hustle that day, of giving my friend the last few letters and cards to include in the book she was finishing, I also gave her your letter explaining the quilt. It was somehow misplaced and I could not remember your name and had no idea how to find you or how to thank you!! It has absolutely haunted me! I have been just sick about it! Thinking of the hours that you spent and the time and energy you invested to make such a special gift! It was truly, truly unprecedented! Not only is this "Thank you" incredibly late in coming, but it is also incredibly insufficient! Still, I had to say something in way of explanation, now that I have found you!

So please, Tasha... please know how sorry I am that I have not thanked you until now. And please know how incredibly grateful we are... not only for the gorgeous quilt, but also for the gesture it represents... and the hard work and effort that you undoubtedly spent on our behalf.

I am embarrassed to ask, because so much time has elapsed, but is there anyway of thanking Libby the others who also contributed to the project? Thank you. Thank you for thinking of us. Thank you for aching for us. Thank you most of all for wanting to DO something... Your prayers WERE heard. They always are... but this time they were answered beyond any of our wildest hopes. Bronson will live to love this quilt. We will make sure it is a treasured keepsake that he holds dear and will cherish forever. Thank you, Tasha, for YOUR faith. Faith in your prompting... Faith in yourself to tackle such a huge undertaking... Faith in others to help bring it to pass... Faith in the project, which has touched us so... Faith in us to receive it with gladness... And most of all, faith in our Father in Heaven to hear and answer our prayers. It truly is a Quilt of Faith.

So, thank you, Tasha. You will be forever dear to us!
If it is not too much to ask, please send me your address... I'd like to mail you a very belated personal thank you (and also a little late Christmas Card!)


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