Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Kid Valentines

Since Thursday is the Valentine's Day party in my son's Kindergarten class I thought it might be nice to get his Valentine's done this weekend. These are nothing Fancy Smansy, but they were completely done by my 5 year old. And I love to let my kids do their own crafts too.

He cut out 20 hearts all by himself. (I traced the pattern for him though.) Then glued on some cut out Pixar Valentine's. (My boys really wanted these Pixar Valentine's and I love to make Valentine's. So we are compromising.)

Finally my son added his name and we stuck a lollipop on top.

Done. And they think they are perfect Kindergarten Valentine too. Simple. Easy. And totally kid friendly. It is good to do a craft like this every once in a while.


Letti said...

I love homemade Valentines they are just that much more special :)

Carly Jane said...

So cute. I think they're the perfect compromise :).

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