Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Hat #1 (Tutorial)

Today is my nieces 1st Birthday. She is having a Polka Dot Party this weekend. I get to make her a fun hat. Here is trial #1. It turned out pretty cute don't you think? It won't necessarily be what she will wear though. We shall see. I am making a couple different ones and letting my sister choose. The extras I will put into my shop for pretty cheap. I decided to put tutorials together of all the hats I do make though. So, here is tutorial #1 on the Birthday Hat.

Materials Needed:
Fun fabric (1/4 of a yard will be plenty)
Scrap fabric for the number and circle
Heat and Bond Lite paper
Heavy Duty Iron on Interfacing (You want this to be really stiff stuff)
Computer Paper to make a pattern
matching thread

1. make a pattern for the hat. I took a piece of regular computer paper and shaped it into a cone and then cut it into a patter. In the end I made it symmetrical. Then use the pattern to cut a piece of fabric and out
2. And also some of the heavy duty interfacing.
3. Iron the interfacing and the fabric together.
4. Then take your pattern and cut out the actual shape of the hat.
5. Next, iron some heat and bond to your scraps of fabric and cut out your number and circle. Remember it needs to be traced backwards so it will be right when you iron it on.
6. Here is the circle. I used a cup to trace a circle. I didn't want it too big.
7. Fold your hat so you find the right center to place your circle and number.
8. Then iron on the circle.
9. Followed by the number.
10. When you are all done sew the circle and number down. I did a straight stitch, but you could also zigzag it on.
11. Next fold it down and sew up the two sides together. Then fold down the bottom, pin it, and sew it down also.
12. It might try to buckle up. Keep pulling on it to keep it smooth.
13. Lastly, you are going to sew down some ribbon so you can keep it on their head.
14. Sew it down on both sides. Make sure you have enough ribbon to tie it into a cute bow.
15. And there you have it. A cute Birthday Hat for your cute kid!
Happy Birthday Miss Maggie! I cannot wait to see you at your party. And cannot wait to see which hat you choose! (I know I am crazy to make more then one, but what can you do. I just am so indecisive.)


Jillyboo said...

O' sooooo cute. I love it, and the colors are perfect.

And the reason we saw no parts was because we told them we didn't want to know. We're trying to stay strong but I dont know if we'll make it with all the ultrasounds we'll be having this pregnancy.

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I am featuring these on my sidebar Wednesday and Thursday! I love these!

Julie said...

This is great! We are having a birthday party for my two little ones (they will be 3 and 1). These would be great!

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