Sunday, January 17, 2010


There are two Valentines that I am completely in love with this year.

This one from Brown Paper Packages. This one I have already bought my clothes pins for to make something similar to. (Not exactly like this, but the idea of it.)

And this one from Cluck Cluck Sew. Oh, how I love these ladies for these ideas. Seriously fabulous. Sisters, do not take my ideas. Okay, you can, but just know these are what you can hope for in the mail. I really really hope I can get them done. Maybe they will end up a combination of the two together. I don't know yet? But, oh I am feeling inspired


kristen said...

Okay this is funny! I too am going to make something similar to these. I guess the one I give to you will have to be unique! great minds really do think alike! :)

Letti said...

I saw the first one too and I loved it. The second one is new to me but I love the simplicity of it. You could frame it and have it displayed year round.

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