Monday, January 18, 2010

Boys Room Wish List

I have yet to really decorate ANY room in my house. Those that have been here know I am speaking the truth. I have all these ideas, just not quite to the money end where I can do it. Once we finally get everything paid off (hopefully just a couple months to go) and then to decorating. I cannot wait. Today I was just going through some of my favorite blogs and happened upon this post. Fabulous. I am in love. I just love so many of these ideas and they are simple. Not too expensive. I really want to do some of them. My boys room is light blue and I am planning to accent everything with bright red. I love these ideas and just turning them into using red. Fun. I am posting this so in a few months when I get to start working on it I can find this post again. Because, I really do love these ideas. And well, go check out HowSheDoes? She really is amazing.

1 comment:

Carly Jane said...

Wow that horse is darling. I love classic nursery toys.

Don't worry, I won't take your Valentines ideas...and I can't wait to get mine in the mail!

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