Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I {heart} this quilt

I just love the blog Cluck Cluck Sew. She is one of my favorites. And I {heart} this quilt she just made. Everything she makes is fabulous, but oh how I love this quilt. It does not sound too difficult either. I think it could be right up my ally. I really want to do one of my boys quilts with this pattern. It would look so cute on their bed and do my heart good every time I saw them using it. I am starting to collect fabrics for all 3 of my boys quilts and my goal is to have them all done one year from right now. Good goal right? Lets hope. My Mom told me to start collecting fabrics over a few months. Good idea. So, I am in the fabric collecting stage. But, this quilt is definatly going to be used for one of the boys. Just so fun.


Keriann said...

this one is in my stash of quilts to make as well! It's just so fun and has SO many possibilities!

What a great goal for the boys quilts! I love the idea! Fabric collecting is fun oh and I have been meaning to call you...did you see that on the 11th Heidi Grace fabric goes on sale at Joanns?? I know you love it as much as I do! And I'm so excited cause it NEVER goes on sale! Let me know if you wanna make a trip to JoAnns with me! =)

Ms Mae said...

oh how I wish I could make a quilt. They are beautiful. and I am SO not talented this way. Sigh.

Good luck with yours!

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