Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scap Tree Pillow

I {heart} this pillow. Love it. I want one. Infact, I think I am going to make one tonight. Yep, tonight. I am a bit in love with trees right now. Maybe because I have been racking my brain with a way to teach my primary children the desire to serve, and I have this tree advent idea that I want to make for all of the kid's families. So, the ideas are churning and then I saw this tree pillow and it was love at first sight. I will show pictures once I am make mine. I found this one here. Cluck cluck sew is a great blog. Don't you just love the name even? Can't wait to get started on this. I sure hope I like how it turns out. Here are a couple other ones she made too. Cute huh?


kristen said...

i saw this on another blog too. I think it's way cute! You should make one for the gift tomorrow night.

Keriann said...

It's adorable! I've had a thing for trees and stick figure style birdies and cute owls lately myself. Haven't had much reason for anything like that in my home though....I'm thinking Thanksgiving decor will bring an opportunity to use that stuff!

Can't wait to see the one you make!

Kelly said...

I love this idea! - I have a friend who is SMITTEN with trees right now. I may steal this idea as a christmas present.

Have you thought about reading - The giving tree to your primary students? It is a great reminder to give and give even if we don't have anything physical to hand out.

lots of love! Kelly

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