Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pumpkin Tutorial

I have had many people ask me for a tutorial for these fun and cute pumpkins. My Mom made some two years ago and gave them to me. Then last year I made about 30 to sell, give away, and put around my own home. This year I have made at least another 20 for different things. They are cute and fun. The sewing is pretty simplistic, but they are time consuming. So, just be aware of that. Hopefully I can explain what I do in a way for all of you to understand too. I am not always good at that. If you have questions feel free to email me.

What you will need:
Fall color fabrics for pumpkins and pumpkin stick tops
needle and thread (cordinating thread for your different fabrics)
sewing machine
Fiber fill stuffing

First you are going to find fun fall fabrics. I am doing a bunch of green, maroon, deep yellow and orange ones this year. You will see a mixture of the fabrics I am using in this tutorial. I cut my fabric 9x18 inches and some 7x18inches and others 7x14 inches. You can do as you want. I found I like the ones that end up to be about square (so 5x10, 7x14, 9x18, 10x20, etc.) Then make sure your fabric is all ironed before the next step too.

You will then fold your pieces in half with ride sides together lengthwise (so if your fabric was 9x18inches they will be 9x9inches once you fold them.) Then sew down the two open ends.

Here are a few of what mine looked like.

Next you are going to get a needle and thread and are going to gather one side of the pumpkin.(the wrong side of the fabric is still on the outside.)

Gather it all until it looks like this.

Then you are going to turn them so all the right sides of the fabric are showing. Here are a bunch of mine.

Next you will stuff the pouches with fiberfill stuffing. You want them to be pretty full.
Next you will grab your needle and thread again and are going to gather the top closed.

You are going to pull it tight,but not completely closed. Stick your finger into the whole and leave about that amount open. (This is where you will be sticking the pumpkin stick top.)

After that I set into making my pumpkin stick tops. You need to get small pieces of fabric scraps of browns or greens or creams. Maybe 3x5 inches. You will fold the fabric with right sides together and draw a stick shape onto the fabric.

Then sew around the stick you have drawn on. Then cut it out of the fabric.

You then need to turn them right side out. This can be tricky because they are so small. I like to use a chopstick to do mine. It gives me leverage. Here are a pile of some I did. After they are turned right side out you then stuff them with the fiberfill stuffing. This can be time consuming too. Make sure they are stuffed good and use that chopstick to get the stuffing down into them.

Now you have a pile of stuffed pumpkins and we are going to shape them to really get the "pumpkin" look.
This is a bit confusing so hopefully you understand it all. I made a video, but I cannot get it upload, so if you don't get this please let me know. What you are going to do is get matching thread and double it on your needle. It needs to be long enough to go around your pumpkin about 5 times. So, it is going to be really really long. This can be a little difficult with the thread getting bunched together. But, you measure the thread out, thread your needle and then put a knot in the bottom of the thread. You will start at the bottom of your pumpkin and send the needle right up the bottom of the pumpkin to the top in the center that is open. Then pull the thread to the outside of the pumpkin and push the needle through the bottom again and up to the top center part of the pumpkin. Do this 5 times. You are pulling each time to pull the thread down to make the shape of the pumpkin.
When you are done tie off the thread. Take one of your cute pumpkin stick tops and hot glue them into the center of your pumpkin with a little hot glue and then tie on some raffia. Walla you are done! Hopefully you understand all of this. If not, please ask any questions. It is a little hard to explain through pictures. Hope you have fun making some!! (Instead of the fabric pumpkin stick tops you could also just skip that part and go outside and find some cool real sticks and hot glue them inside instead.)


Suzi said...

THANK YOU! I have been admiring your's. I can't wait to try this out.

Lisa O said...

These pumpkins are so darling! And your step-by-step tutorial makes them almost seem easy enough for me to try. Thanks Tasha!

Emma said...

Thanks for the tutorial! You are so sweet to do this. I hope to make some pumpkins soon!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

pack or make pumpkins?
why must I be responsible and pack?
those pumpkins are sooooo cute.
want them!!! boo. bookmarked for next year maybe.
unless packing fairies come my way.

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