Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Sign Tutorial

I have had this vision in my head of a vinyl type signs with fun Halloween and fall sayings on them, but I wanted to use Fabric. I knew what I wanted to do, but wasn't quite sure if it would work. But, it did! And I love the final product. If you want to make one too here is what I did:

I went to Home Depot to their "as is" section and bought a board of wood. It was only 51 cents. It was beat up a little on the edges, but I was fine with that because these are Halloween signs and I wanted that look anyways. I just didn't have to do the work for it. Then my good husband cut my board into 3 pieces. Each ranging from 15-18 inches. You can do yours however long as you want. Then I got out my black paint (I used acrylic paint) and painted them front and back.
Next, I took paper and made my letters. You could easily just go on your computer and find fun fonts and make them big and print them out as your stencil. My printer is currently not hooked up to this computer so I just designed my own letters. Then you want to take and trace them backwards (just turn your paper over as the design) onto iron on transfer paper.

Once you have that done you iron them onto fabric and then cut the letters out. If you have never used iron on transfer paper make sure you read the directions first. Then I ironed the letter right onto the wood. Now READ THIS: I use an old iron for craft projects like this. DO NOT USE your good iron. Or you need to put a towel on top so you do not ruin your good iron. But, the fabric will iron onto the wood.

Then I decoupaged right onto the letters to secure the letters onto the wood. This makes them stick really well. In some spots the letters did not iron on well so I put decoupage under the letter too on those spots.

And here are my final products.

Love them!


Keriann said...

Darling! I'm excited for monday now!!

Marci said...

love the signs they are super cute and crafty of you. I'd really love to learn to make your pumpkins though. are you going to do a "how-to" on them?

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