Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas Kid Crafts

I know we are not to Christmas yet. We aren't even quite through Halloween. But, I got an email from an aunt today asking for a few Kid Christmas Craft ideas. I got to thinking about it and knew right where I would go looking first: The Crafty Crow. And, as always, she didn't disappoint. I went to her Christmas stuff from last year and wow, she had so many great ideas! This is a favorite blog of mine anyways. Every day (yes, seriously every day), she posts multiple great crafts and fun things to do with kids. So, if you are looking for kid crafts this is the top place to go. All of these ideas came from there.

Fabric Scrap Ornament
I want to make this one. Don't be surprised if I do too! I love it. And you all know I have an obsession with fabric, so this goes right to the top with cute in my mind! I can see using fun red and green fabrics too. So cute. So fun.

Gingerbread Man Activity Page
This one is a felt page the kids can cut out and then make different Gingerbread faces and body. I love this idea. For me it would be a great activity the kids could then do at church too. You could put it on a page of felt with an envelope to hold all the pieces.

Half Eaten Gingerbread Man Ornament
How cute is that! I just laughed when I saw it. If kids were making it you probably wouldn't want to sew anything,but glue it all on. But, with felt you can even use just Elmer's glue.

Felt Christmas Tree
I really love this one too. I think I might make a few myself. Or let me my boys help me when the Christmas season comes. Maybe make them a little bigger and just stick them in and around other decorations.

Mitten Ornaments
These seem more simplistic. You could make red or green mittens and then have fun circles or other shapes cut out of felt they glue on or buttons or small things. Then have them sew them closed or they could already be sewn or don't sew them at all.

Paper Star Ornaments
I love these. I don't know that all ages of kids could them though. But, they are cute. You would have to read through the instructions and see how hard they are. Wouldn't it be fun to even make these stars have them hung up at a kids birthday party? Fabulous.

Polka dot Ornaments
Okay, love these too. You could have the kids glue fun different things on these circle felt ornaments. Or have buttons and let older kids sew them down or have glue to just glue them down. Or have ricrac they could glue down and other things too. Simple and cute!

Reindeer Cookies
These are more of a food craft, but just thought they were darling. I hope I have enough energy to do something fun like this for my Primary kids.

Simple Wreath
I really like these as well. They sounded pretty simplistic and have such a cute look.

Snowman Garland
These would be fun for the kids to cut out and then string on some fun ribbon or string. Easy. Cute. Fun.

Clay Candle Holders
What kid doesn't like to work with clay. It could be pretty messy though.

Am I getting anyone else excited about Christmas! Check out The Craft Crow for other fun ideas too. I just picked out some of my favorites. And when you go to find these ideas there she gives links to instructions and templates and how-tos on almost all of them! So, don't think you have come of with your own instructions, that is all been done for you!

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