Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Childrens Art Holders

I found a new craft blog yesterday that I was having so much fun looking through. It is called Brown Paper Packages. I just love the name too. Reminds me of Sound of Music and the Favorite things song.
Just look at this children's art holders. I love them! I want 3 sitting in the play area of my family room. My boys would love to hang their art work up on something like this. And then maybe another one in their room too that they could share. I hope to make these in another month or so. Seriously, I love them.
And this piece of artwork. That would be simiplistic to make and just my style.
And finally I LOVE these metal ornaments. Hmm, this definatly gets me thinking. I love it when I find a new awesome blog. Makes my day!

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