Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quilt Obsession

I am totally obsessed with quilts right now. I love them. I really have not made very many in my life. But, I want to learn. This is the year right? I hope so. My favorite place to look is here. Probably because they provide free patterns. That is right people. Free patterns. Thank you Moda. I look at your blog almost every single day. Here are a few quilts I love from there.

Love those fabrics too! Such a simplistic, but cute quilt.

This is another one of my ultimate favorite. It seemed a little more intricate for me to start off with. But, defiantly on the list of ones I would love to make.

Another great one.

This is a Christmas quilt. What a fun idea!

I love this as a baby quilt. Very easy, but so cute.

And wow. Don't know if I will attempt this one ever, but I do love it. Moda also sells all their great pre-cut squares and jelly rolls. I recently made a very easy baby quilt using their squares. So cute. So easy. Love them.


Keriann said...

These are really cute Tasha! I have quilted quite a bit before so if you ever need help or just want a sewing buddy call me!

kristen said...

Cute Cute Cute!!! I am feeling the need to use up my quilting fabrics now!

Letti said...

Tasha lets do one together. I have one that needs the squares to be sewn together.

Tasha said...

Letti I would totally up for doing one together!

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