Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kid Fun

Plum pudding is another favorite site of mine. Today, I was looking back into some of her archives trying to find an idea for something and came across all of these fabulous finds. Seriously, I want to do all of these.

Alphabet magnet letters

Watercolor Initials

Candy Wrapper belts (so fun!!!)

Spaghetti Dogs (seriously you could check out her blog just for awesome food ideas)

And look at these awesome Paper Pocket Booklets that she made out of cereal boxes. And there were many more ideas I loved too!


Letti said...

I have seen the spaghetti dogs a few places and I think that they are pretty cool. I might try them for Halloween. I am going to have to check out that blog.

Carly Jane said...

how much do I love plumpudding too! She has the best stuff.

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