Thursday, September 3, 2009


Have you seen these? Love them. Love love loooove them. I want one. I went on etsy looking at them again today. So many cute and creative ones.

Halloween. So fun. I love decorating for holidays.

Just fun fabrics to hang in one of your kid's bedrooms or to use at a party. Love these fabrics.

Or I really love this one. Square shaped and fall colors. Wonderful.

Cupcakes? So cute. I need a girl.
I really go back and forth on square or triangle. I like them both. This one could go in a little boys room. There are just so many endless ideas with them. Happy fall, Happy birthday, plain fabric, Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, love and do a Valentine's Day theme. I want to make one or two or five. Yet I haven't. Thanks for once again having amazing things to buy. Or drool over.


Carly Jane said...

I love LOVE banners and garlands too (as you can tell from the few I've made this year). I really really wanted the one in Raymond's room to be out of fabric... but in those last few days and weeks of pregnancy I just didn't have it in me. It's definitely still on my To Do list. I often sit in his room rocking/nursing and planning how I will change that banner. I never really did like how it turned out... one of these days, right?

Emma said...

I have been wanting to make a few of these too. Thanks for sharing these cute pics.

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