Thursday, July 23, 2009

A fun new creation

I "heart" fabric.
Love it actually.
Today I found a quilting store literally 1 minute from my house.
Not good.
Very dangerous.
They had lots of beautiful fabric.
I think this place I will be visiting often.

I bought this fabric and made this bag as a gift for someone.
I made up the pattern and was pretty happy with it.
I will definatly do thing a little different next time.
But, for now I am happy.
Don't you just love the fabric?
I do.

Maybe I will have a pattern to share someday.
Or maybe not.
I am not very good at writing down what I create.


kristen said...

That's one lucky person who receives that bag!! So cute!!!

Stephanie said...

I love that fabric!!! I wish I had a good fabric store nearby... (sigh)

Keriann said...

i can't see the pictures....I'm sure the bag is just lovely though!

Kim said...

what a cute purse! love it.

Rebecca D. said...

taht is too cute!!! Love that fabric!

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