Monday, August 10, 2015
A friend of mine opened a new online craft business,
I'm excited to see their new adventure take off. I made my first order this morning and cannot wait to see what new products will be launched each month on the 9th. I hope you'll go check them out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snap Conference

SNAP the Conference was AMAZING.  The fabulous classes, the amazing bloggers, the incredible SNAP team...every last detail I loved.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go.  I was completely nervous to do it alone...and honestly it was very hard on my quiet, non-aggressive personality (meeting new people has always been very hard on me), but I am SO glad I went and did it.  I loved getting to see and talk and rub shoulders with so many incredible women.  It is a wonderful feeling when you talk to someone you have been emailing with for months (if not longer). 
Me, Kristy (The Dairy of Dave's Wife), Kelli (Lolly Jane Boutique), Jamilyn (I Heart Naptime), and Ashley (Mommy by day Crafter by night.)
The first girls I ran into were these wonderful friends.  They were kind enough to let me sneak a seat by them. (Later we learned we were not suppose to be sitting on the floor.)  I was the most excited to meet Kelli (green sweater) from Lolly Jane.  I adore her and after a lot of emailing I loved that finally we could meet in person.  She is truly as happy and fun and friendly as she seems on her blog.  Do you see those big black bags we all have....they were the SWAG bags FULL of amazing things from the sponsors.  Happiness!
The venue at Thanksgiving Point was gorgeous.  I loved walking around taking in all the beauty and even got a few quiet moments alone in a some gardens.  The weather was fabulous the entire time and it really was a perfect location for this fun event.

This was the Sponsor/break room.  I ate lunch there both days and loved meeting sponsors and amazing bloggers.  The sponsors for the event were incredible.  Every last one. 

We ate dinner each night in the barn room.  Thursday night we walked in to see the place looking like this.  Everything you see, the SNAP team created.  Since it was a creative conference they wanted to make all the details by hand.  I loved that.  It was gorgeous. 

Don't you just love the details?

Tauni introduced the full SNAP team and I loved seeing them all together.  I can say nothing but good things about each and every one of these women.  Honestly, they were all friendly, loving, personable, and I came to love them and their blogs even more just by watching the way they interacted with us all.  You could tell they had put so much effort into every last detail for us, and truly wanted to make this a conference we would all remember.  Thank you SNAP Team.
That evening we were able to hear from Tauni (Leader of SNAP team) and Amy (The Idea Room).  I loved what they both taught us.  It was actually an empowering moment for me.  They emphasized what I have been really feeling lately.  The theme the introduced was "Just be You".  I loved it. 
One of the people I really wanted to meet was Gwen from Gwenny Penny.  We have been blog friends for some time now and I just love her and her style.  When she tapped me on the shoulder Thursday night I was SO excited!!  I had the opportunity to talk with her a couple of time throughout the conference and I loved it.  I think I could have spent the entire conference with her.   I loved seeing pictures of her children and hearing her take on blogging and life.  She is an amazing women.
After 9 or 10 years I finally got to see my beautiful friend Stephanie from Somewhat Simple.  We grew up together and I truly just love her.  It took a blogging conference for us to see each other after all these years.  It didn't feel like it has been that long though since we have kept up with each other through blogging. 
Tausha and I meeting.  I love her blog as well.  She came over to meet another Tausha to find out I really say my name with an "a" sound (as in apples).  But, we still needed a picture!  She is so much fun. 
Becca from Blue Cricket Designs and I.  Oh, how I love Becca.  She is another girl I grew up with and honestly has always been fun, creative, and someone people wanted to be around.  I loved getting to talk to her multiple times during the conference.  Love you Becca!
This group of ladies (minus the two on the left) I sat with during the Thursday night dinner.  The Dating Divas and The Letter 4 Girls were so awesome!  Truly, I loved each one of them.  They were so cute and sweet and fun to be around.  When I ran into them waiting to get into a class on Friday I wanted to get a picture (since I had forgotten the night before).  I know I will be following both of their blogs from here on out. (I think I feel a little short looking at this picture.)
Oh, how I LOVED meeting Desiree from The 36th Avenue.  She is SOOOO awesome!  Yes, she is just as fun and happy and wonderful in person as she is on her blog.  I have yet to meet another lady like her.  I loved chatting with her multiple times
This whole weekend would not have been possible without my wonderful Mother who was my driving partner and made it so I could go.  Thank you Mom.  (My Mother is so good to me.) Then I got to spend the nights and mornings with my two beautiful sisters.  I left saying I NEED more Mom/Sisters getaways.  We had so much fun together!!  They came out for the Queen Bee Market on Friday night. 
Right as we walked in the door we walked into Becca and Stephanie.  They were excited to see my Mom and Sisters as well.  (Since we all grew up together.)
And then the AMAZING Queen Bee Market!  There were lots of fun and fabulous vendors.  We shopped and shopped and shopped.  Then got into a line that took over an hour to get through!  (Yes, there were that many people there.)
I am grateful I was able to attend the conference.  It was a great experience for me.  Now, I am back home trying to get back into the swing of things and cannot wait to go through all the business cards I received.  There are a lot of new blogs for me to check out!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buisness Card Holder

I needed something to carry my business cards.
I couldn't quite decide what to make,
but, in the end went with a simple small zipper pouch.
I used THIS tutorial here, but made it a lot smaller.
It was simple, bright, and now I won't get my cards all bent up.
These cards are actually from my shop, 
but, I haven't had a chance to make new ones
sooo.... they will have to do.
But, I am good with that.
Happy week!

Monday, April 16, 2012


 3 days until SNAP!
I seriously cannot believe it.
I am SO excited!!
 I have to be honest and say I am super nervous at the same time.
I have had a knot in my stomach for over a week now.
I know it is going to be fabulous though,
and I cannot wait to meet so many wonderful blog heroes of mine.
I have to tell you, I look up to so many of you!
I am doing a shout out to all you Utah friends. 
Did you know that the Queen Bee Market has joined with SNAP 
and is going to be there Friday night - Saturday!?!
You know you want to come!
Fabulous Vendors.
Great giveaways.
You could meet some of your favorite bloggers.
AND, it is free.
No door charge.
Just thought you might want to know if you didn't already.

Happy Week to you all!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Black Apron

 My good friend Letti has spent the last few months sewing (and creating) her heart out.
She is over 150 costumes for the play Beauty and the Beast in a local production.
I have helped her some (but not as much as I wish I could have.)
She is amazing!
Hands down, awesome!
Really, she has such a creative mind and I cannot wait to see the production this weekend.
 I got a text from her one day recently asking if I could make her an apron with pockets.
She was always having things stuffed in her pockets, but that it would be so nice to have an apron.
 I ,of course, was more then excited to do it for her!
I love her and have been wishing there was more I could do to lighten her load a little.
If she called, I wanted to help.
So, I made this cute, but simple, black apron.
Nothing too fancy, but good for backstage and it shouldn't get too dirty with all the cast make-up.
Good luck this week Letti as the final touches all come together!
I know all your hard work is going to pay off.
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